5 Reasons Why Magnets Can Attract Iron

Why do magnets attract iron

Magnets have their special magnetic properties that can produce an extremely strong attraction and cause strong reactions between other metallic substances, and the most common is that magnets attract iron. So why exactly do magnets attract iron? The following is the relevant knowledge about it.

1 Magnetic force propagation

Magnetic force propagation can represent a role derived from the magnet, it will spread out the lines of force of its own magnetic flux field to influence other magnets to show some kind of magnetic reaction, for example, when a magnet is close to a piece of iron, then it will spread out its magnetic force and produce a strong attraction to iron.

2 Magnetic link

The process of magnetic force propagation will produce a magnetic link, which can form a lasting link between itself and other magnets, as if they are connected together, when the magnet leaves the iron, the magnet iron can pull them together, and the magnet iron is the very reason for the formation of the attraction between them, and iron is the most common object of it.

3 current influence

Work magnets attract iron for another important reason, and that is the flow of electrons in the atomic mass. When the electron flow in the atomic mass, it will form polarity, thus forming a magnetic field, so that when the magnet is close to the iron, it will produce together with the attraction effect, and when the magnet leaves the iron, it will produce together with the repulsion effect, so that the attraction between them can be released.

4 Magnetic layer effect

For a piece of iron, its surface will be affected by the magnet due to magnetic propagation, forming a thin magnetic layer, which will produce a strong magnetic attraction to be attracted by the magnet, thus creating a strong association between the magnet and the iron.

5 Dipole effect

When the magnet is close to the iron, they will produce a dipolar effect between them, so that the positive pole of the magnet and the negative pole of the iron can be sucked together to form an attraction, so that the magnet can attract iron.

The above is the principle of the magnet to attract iron, with their interaction, we can produce the magnetic attraction of this phenomenon, and when the iron contact magnets, they are very easy to form a close connection between them, so that the iron is attracted to the magnet every time!

A more detailed video explanation:

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