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Adjectives along with the definition, list, examples, rules are described for a clear understanding as well as clearing the entire basic concept.

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What are Adjectives?

Adjectives are one of the most important parts of speech in English grammar. Let’s try to understand the basics of adjectives.

In our communication, many times additional description or additional information is required to complete the message.

Adjective helps to provide this additional information in a sentence.

adjectives examples definition
Adjectives examples definition

In general, adjectives come if you ask like,

  • What type?
  • Which one?
  • What kind?
  • How much?
  • How many?
  • Which color? and many more.

We will try to understand adjectives with examples.

Adjective Examples & Explanation

Adjective Explanation-1

You tell to your friend,

‘Hey Rumi, look at the car!

Here, the car is a noun and you are simply showing that car to your friend.

Now, the car is red in color. If you may say,

‘Hey Rumi, look at the red car!

If we try to observe both the sentences,

  • In the first sentence, the simple word ‘car’ is used without any information like which type of car or which color, etc.
  • In the second sentence, we see that the car has additional information that it is a ‘red car’.

This ‘red’ describes the noun ‘car’ and it is known as an adjective.

Adjective Explanation-2

You have visited a jungle and seen a tiger. The same thing you describe to your friend that,

‘Naveen, I have seen an elephant in the jungle.

Here, the elephant is a noun and you are simply informing your friend about the elephant.

Now, as the elephant is very big, you may say that,

‘Naveen, I have seen a big elephant in the jungle!

adjective examples meaning
Adjective examples meaning

If we try to analyze both the sentences, we see that ‘big’ is used to describe the elephant’s explanation additionally in the second sentence.

This ‘big’ is known as an adjective.

Adjective Definition & Meaning

Definition of Adjective

Adjectives are defined as the words that are used to describe nouns, pronouns, or other adjectives.

The main function of adjectives is to add an additional description in terms of,

  • qualities,
  • state,
  • quantities,
  • colors,
  • size
  • texture
  • shape
  • taste
  • number
  • odor
  • sound, etc.

Adjective Meaning

The meaning of the adjective is very simple. It is just like a word that describes a noun.

  • Not only nouns, but it can also describe pronouns as well.
  • It can also describe other adjectives as well.
  • Adjective helps to add more description or additional description of the noun or pronoun.
  • It simply adds some additional information to a sentence.
  • It provides additional information of a person, or place or things, or ideas, or manners.

Examples of Adjectives

There are thousands of Adjective examples, used in English grammar. We will describe a few of them based on various adjective types.

Normally adjectives are classified into a few categories and examples of adjectives as well as sentences are captured,

Proper Adjective

Adjective Examples

  • Indian
  • Arabian
  • KFC
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Omani
  • American
  • IPL
  • Chinese
  • African
  • British

There are a lot of worksheets for adjectives available on the internet for practice.

Adjective Sentence Examples

  • Indian electric cars are coming into the market.
  • My brother is a famous Indian cricketer.
  • Everybody loves Arabian foods.
  • Let’s have KFC chicken!
  • I have many Italian friends.
  • Japanese cars are the best.
  • Omani people are really very good.
  • American people love to discover.
  • IPL cricket tournament is going to happen soon.
  • Minu love to eat Chinese items.
  • An African safari is really adventurous.
  • I like to speak Indian, British as well as American English.

Quantitative Adjective

Adjective Examples

  • 5, 55, 40, etc. any numbers
  • third
  • two
  • many
  • whole
  • five
  • single
  • enough
  • sufficient

Adjective Sentence Examples

  • Rimi has 5 chocolates.
  • We have a total of 55 students in our class.
  • She has 40 red bolls.
  • I have 4 friends.
  • Ritu was the third girl in our class.
  • Tina was waiting for two hours.
  • Moni has many dogs.
  • We have 12 trees in the garden.
  • Anu has done her whole work.
  • Five boys are in the garden.
  • My mother is 52 years old.
  • Not a single person crossed the mark.
  • There are 16 cows and 12 dogs on the farm.
  • The stadium has 90,000 capacity.
  • I have taken enough food.
  • Rehan has given sufficient food to the beggar.

Descriptive Adjective Examples

Adjective Examples

  • efficient
  • beautiful
  • nice
  • clever
  • golden
  • delicious
  • smart
  • self-independent
  • diamond
  • shooting

Adjective Sentence Examples

  • Virat Kohli is a very efficient cricketer.
  • She is a beautiful lady.
  • There is a nice bird.
  • Simi is a clever woman.
  • She bought a golden ring.
  • Everyone likes delicious food.
  • We all like smart people.
  • Rima is a self-independent girl.
  • He has a beautiful niece.
  • He bought a diamond ring for his marriage anniversary.
  • Have you seen the golden temple?
  • Hey, look at the shooting star.

Indefinite Adjective Examples

Adjective Examples

  • Each
  • No
  • Any
  • Few
  • Several
  • Most
  • Some
  • Many

Adjective Sentence Examples

  • There are no kites in the sky.
  • You can read few articles to enhance your knowledge.
  • Piya liked most of all shirts.
  • Many people went to the birthday party.
  • Can I have some chocolates?
  • Hima doesn’t have any concerns.
  • There are several steps to clear the CAT exam.
  • She didn’t have any idea.
  • You can take some apples.
  • Each one should take a rest.
  • I have no clue what to do.

Possessive Adjectives Examples

Adjective Examples

  • his
  • her
  • our
  • my
  • your

Adjective Sentence Examples

  • I like his accent.
  • Rohit takes her attention in the class.
  • Our parents are really precious to us.
  • My ambition will help the entire nation.
  • Your focus should be on study.
  • I know her dedication.
  • Your goal should be achievable.
  • Her imagination is so high.
  • My father gave me a book.
  • Our teacher taught a lot of lessons to life.
  • Mitul is really happy about her success.
  • Your wish will be fulfilled.

Demonstrative Adjectives Examples

Adjective Examples

  • this
  • that
  • these
  • those

Adjective Sentence Examples

  • This planet is crying nowadays.
  • I think that ball is yours.
  • These fruits can help you to enrich vitamin A.
  • Let me give you a hand with those
  • Rohit may have those books.
  • She may have that note.
  • These books are precious.
  • I like those people.
  • This car can move at 150 km/hr.
  • I like that house.

Interrogative Adjectives Examples

Adjective Examples

  • which
  • what
  • whose

Adjective Sentence Examples

  • Which color would you like?
  • What book have you read last month?
  • What song do you like most?
  • Which place do you like the most?
  • Whose umbrella is this?
  • Which team won the match?
  • Which mobile are you going to purchase?
  • Which cycle would you like to buy?
  • What subject would you like to attempt first?
  • Which food did you take last night?
  • What brand do you prefer?
  • What step are you going to take to help the poor people?

Distributive Adjectives Examples

Adjective Examples

  • one
  • each
  • both
  • none
  • every
  • neither

Adjective Sentence Examples

  • Both of us are going to the market.
  • Apu loves any books that Rabindranath Tagore has written.
  • Every people should be proud of their parents.
  • You can select the one you love most.
  • Neither of them conveys the message.
  • Every person should be positive.
  • Both of them were sleeping.
  • Each girl in our class is studious.
  • None of my classmates is in the village.
  • Is there any packet left to distribute to the poor?

Cardinal Adjectives Examples

Adjective Examples

  • one
  • tow
  • three
  • seven
  • eight
  • fifty-five etc.

Adjective Sentence Examples

  • She has two kids.
  • I have three dogs.
  • We have fifty-five students in our class.
  • There are ten ingredients in the recipe.
  • Monica has seven pens.
  • I have two computers.
  • Nimi has six puppies.

Ordinal Adjectives Examples

Adjective Examples

  • first
  • second
  • fifth
  • seventh etc.

Adjective Sentence Examples

  • She has secured the first position in the class.
  • He has achieved the seventh position in the examination.
  •  I got the first ticket in the auditorium.
  • Rita is their second baby.
  • He secured the first position in the examination.


Hence, we have got a basic idea of adjectives, along with examples, definitions with adjective meaning. Any doubt or any suggestion to improve the article is always welcome. Thank you

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