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what imperative sentences definition meaning rules examples

What are Imperative Sentences? Definition, Meaning, Rules, Uses & Examples

An imperative sentence is one of the most interesting sentence types of the English language. These sentences will help you express a lot of interesting ideas within the daily conversations. So, if you have doubts about this sentence type, then this post is for you. So, let’s look at the definition of an imperative sentence….

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exclamatory sentences definition examples rules uses

Exclamatory Sentences – Definition, Examples, Rules, Exceptions, Uses

Every sentence can convey some kind of information or emotion. When we wish to display our strongest emotion, we use exclamatory sentences. All you need to do is use the exclamation mark in the right place. Exclamatory Sentences Definition & Meaning Exclamatory Sentences Definition Placing the exclamation mark in the right place is very important…

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what sentence structure in English definition types examples title

What is the Sentence Structure in English – Definition, Types, Rules, Examples

What is the Sentence structure in English, described along with the basic definition, clear explanation, different types, rules, and a lot of examples! In this post, we will look at the different sentence structures and examples for you to understand better. Let’s take a look at the sentence structure! What is a Sentence Structure in…

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what compound complex sentence definition 10 examples structure

What is Compound Complex Sentence? Definition, Examples

In this article, we will learn ‘what is compound-complex sentence’ along with definition, various examples, more than 10 sentence examples, structure, explanations, etc. Let’s explore! What is Compound-Complex Sentence? Definition Compound-Complex Sentence Basics There are four basic sentence structures: compound-complex sentences, simple sentences, compound sentences, and complex sentences. As the name suggests, Compound-Complex sentences contain…

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what compound sentence definition examples structure words

What is a Compound Sentence? Definition, Examples, Structure, Words

What is a Compound Sentence? Definition Compound Sentence Definition The type of sentences that contain at least two clauses i.e two independent clauses (minimum two independent clauses; it can be more than two also) are known to be compound sentences. Compound Sentence Examples Let’s see a few examples of compound sentences, Rohan likes to eat…

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