Light, Shadows & Reflections
28th September, 2020

What Is Reflection Of Light? Example Of Reflection

When we stand in front of the mirror, we see our face and comb hair. But do you why we are able to see ourselves in the mirror?

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26th September, 2020

Light Travels In A Straight Line – Light Path

Let's start an interesting lesson, about Light Path as well as to understandLight travels in a straight line.

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26th September, 2020

How Does Light Interact With Matters? Reflection, Absorption, Transmission

Like other substances, Light also interacts with matters. To understand, we will take one mirror, one football, and one glass.

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26th September, 2020

Transparent Materials and Objects, Translucent Objects, and Opaque Materials with Examples

Have you heard the term transparent materials, translucent objects, or opaque objects?

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25th September, 2020

What Is Luminous Object & Non Luminous Object?

Do you have any idea about what is a luminous object and a non-luminous object? Let's try to understand it with a very simple example.

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17th September, 2020

What is Light – Definition, Function, Characteristics, Sources, Speed

Light is the most common term which we all know in our day to day life and it's really very interesting.

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