7th April, 2021

Basics to the Parts of Speech, 8 Nos – Definition, Meaning, Examples, Sentences in English

Parts of speech are total 8 numbers and all are described along with basics, different types, explanation, charts, list along with a lot of examples. Let’s start parts of speech! Basics to the Parts of Speech, 8 Nos Parts of Speech Basics Parts of speech are perhaps one of the fundamental aspects of English grammar. […]

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5th November, 2020

A, An, The Articles in Grammar – Indefinite Articles & Definite Articles

Let’s clear the concept of the use of ‘a,’ ‘an,’ ‘the’ articles in grammar.  These are very small words, but without the proper use of it, sentences will have errors. Hence, the correct use of articles is mandatory. In this lesson, we will learn the basics of articles, its rules with a lot of examples. […]

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