Let’s Explore English Grammar!

7th April, 2021

Basics to the Parts of Speech, 8 Nos – Definition, Meaning, Examples, Sentences in English

Parts of speech are total 8 numbers and all are described along with basics, different types, explanation, charts, list along with a lot of examples. Let’s start parts of speech! Basics to the Parts of Speech, 8 Nos Parts of Speech Basics Parts of speech are perhaps one of the fundamental aspects of English grammar. […]

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22nd March, 2021

Improve Spoken English Skills – How to Learn & Speak English

How to learn & speak English as well as how to improve spoken English is captured along with various ways, practical examples & explanations. Let’s learn how to improve spoken English skills! Spoken English – How to Learn & Speak? Learning a new language, apart from our mother tongue, is never a very easy task. […]

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12th February, 2021

What are Common Nouns – Definition, Examples & List

Common nouns are described along with definitions, a lot of examples, list, various images, a simple animated video to understand the basics. Let us explore common nouns! What are Common Nouns?  Let’s learn about common nouns. A common noun is the basic pillar of a noun in English grammar. We have got a basic idea […]

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8th February, 2021

What Are Abstract Nouns – Definition, Examples & List

Abstract nouns along with definition, examples, list, etc., are described to have a clear understanding of the basics. We use a lot of abstract nouns all the time. Let’s explore all the basic details about these nouns. Abstract Nouns Abstract nouns are really very interesting and widely used nouns in English grammar. It came from […]

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31st October, 2020

Singular Nouns & Plural Nouns – Examples, Rules & List

Singular nouns and plural nouns are explained along with the definition, a lot of examples, plural noun rules, lists, etc. Singular Nouns and Plural Nouns Let’s explore Singular Nouns and Plural nouns! We have already learned singular implies single and it means only one. It may be one person, one animal, one place, one thing, […]

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30th October, 2020

Irregular Plurals or Irregular Plural Noun List

Irregular Plurals or Irregular Plural Noun List, based on the names itself, these are different from regular plural nouns. All the basic details along with the list are captured in this session so that it can be remembered easily. Let’s explore! Irregular Plurals Basic of Irregular Plurals Irregular plurals or irregular plural nouns, as the […]

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28th September, 2020

What Are Concrete Nouns – Definition, Examples & List

Concrete nouns and abstract nouns are two most important nouns in English grammar. Both these words come from Latin words.

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28th September, 2020

List Of Collective Nouns For Animals

A list of collective nouns or collective nouns for animals is simply never-ending. There are thousands of animals exists in the world.

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28th September, 2020

What Is Collective Noun – Example Of Collective Noun

Do you have any idea about what is collective noun? It is a wide chapter and we will explore collective nouns in this lesson in the simplest way.

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28th September, 2020

What are Proper Nouns – Definition, Examples & List

Proper noun and common noun, the basic pillar of noun, will be elaborated in a simple way.

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26th September, 2020

Types Of Noun In English Grammar – Details

Types of nounis the most interesting part of the noun. We have already learned that name of anything is a noun.

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17th September, 2020

What is Noun in English Grammar – Definition, Examples, List of Noun

Let us try to understand what is noun exactly. An old tiger lived in a forest.

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