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Bingo, a game of chance, was invented decades ago and has been loved for generations. Over three million Brits play it at least twice a week. Want to know how to play bingo? Here is a breakdown of the rules of bingo for players. This video below on how to play bingo will provide some tips on the game.

How to play bingo rules

  • Each bingo player is given a card consisting of 15 random numbers between 1 and 90.
  • The numbers are arranged on a card or ticket with 27 spaces.
  • Twelve spaces are left blank.
  • The aim is to match the numbers as follows.
  • Four corners – each number in the four corners of the ticket.
  • Line – A horizontal line of five numbers.
  • Two Lines – Two horizontal lines of five numbers.
  • Full House – Covers all numbers on the lottery ticket.
  • The game has a bingo caller whose duty is to select the numbers.
  • The bingo caller calls out numbers (between 1-90) chosen randomly by a computer, a random number generator or using a mechanical lottery machine.
  • Some callers to bingo may still draw numbers from the bag, as they did at the beginning of the bingo game.
  • Once a number is chosen, the bingo caller “calls” that number.
  • Players who see that number on the card use a bingo “blotter” to “blot” the ticket – or mark the number. The bingo scribbler is a large felt-tip pen with a round tip.
  • Once enough numbers have been marked to win a prize – rules may vary from hall to hall or game to game – shout “bingo” as loudly as possible to get the bingo caller’s attention . You must yell bingo before the next number is called or you will miss your chance to win.

(Tips on how to play bingo.)

How to play bingo online

  • Online bingo is in many ways easier than real life bingo and is a great option if you cannot get to a bingo hall.
  • Playing online bingo games is easy.
  • Simply find the bingo game or slot game you like the look of and then choose the number of tickets you want to buy.
  • Many games have tickets for as little as 1p a piece, so newcomers may want to give them a try first.
  • Call out the bingo numbers and the computer will automatically apply the tickets to you, so you never have to worry about missing a number again!
how to play bingo

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