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Hong Kong Mark Six is a digital lottery game offered by we1win, the largest online lottery company in the country of Malaysia.

Prize Time

1-3 times a week; subject to official announcement
Official lottery website ( some countries or regions may have restricted access due to policy )

Current Prize:

Prizes Prize per bet Number of winning bets
First Prize 13,000,000,00(USD) 1.0
Second Prize 320860.00(USD) 9.0
Third Prize 34,370.00(USD) 224.0

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Hong Kong Mark Six best rules guide inquiry click to learn

Prize Eligibility

Each Mark Six bet is HK$10. You can place a HK$5 Partial Bet Unit bet when you choose to place a Multiple or Galleria bet. The prize will be calculated based on the number of shares of each Partial Bet Unit.

Seven numbers are churned out of the 49 numbers in each Mark Six lottery. The first six numbers are called “Stirred Numbers”, while the seventh number is called “Special Number”.
Details of the prizes are as follows.

  1. The jackpot prize will vary depending on the number of jackpot bets won in that period. The jackpot fund is set at not less than HK$8 million.
  2. Second Prize: 5 “Stirred Numbers” + “Special Numbers” The prize will vary according to the number of second prize bets won in that period.
  3. Third Prize 5 “Stirred Numbers” will be awarded depending on the number of third prize bets won in the same period
  4. Fourth Prize 4 “Stirred Numbers” + “Special Numbers” fixed prize of HK$9,600
  5. Fifth Prize HK$640 fixed prize for winning 4 “Stirred Numbers
  6. Sixth Prize 3 “Stirred Numbers” + “Special Numbers” fixed prize of HK$320
  7. Seventh Prize 3 “Stirred Numbers” fixed prize HK$40

Claiming Winnings
All winning tickets must be claimed within 60 days from the date of the relevant churn.

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