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Malaysia Casino We1Win - Share Tips On How To Play Lightning Roulette And Win. - E Wallet Casino

Malaysia Casino We1Win – Share Tips On How To Play Lightning Roulette And Win.

There are many different types of online casino games and the most popular ones usually depend on personal preference. Here are some of the top online casino (roulette) recommended online casino games that are loved by players worldwide: (Lightning Roulette and Live Roulette) both with high progressive jackpot rates and high payouts.So let’s start with the winning strategy for Lightning Roulette.


Lightning Roulette Strategy

  • Focus on Lightning
    This strategy focuses on the previous lightning numbers and bets on those numbers that have appeared most frequently in previous rounds. Only bet internally on individual numbers to maximise your chances of activating these lightning multipliers.
  • Keep the outside line
    For a more traditional roulette game with safer odds, you can still focus entirely on outside bets and have close to 50/50 odds of winning. Concentrate on a single bet type or mix between red/black, odds/evens and high/low. Each bet type pays out 1:1 on a successful win.
  • Spread Across the Numbers
    This strategy involves spreading equally valuable bets across multiple numbers to maximise the chances of activating a lightning number or having a winning number. For each single number won, a payout of 29:1 will be awarded and the Lightning Multiplier will increase the total winning value to 499:1. Spreading across multiple single numbers increases the chances of having a winning number and owning a lightning number.



  • Splitting the Stakes
    Focus your attention on a mix of outside and inside bets to balance your chances of winning any given round. Mix between multiple inside bet numbers and outside bets, or focus on one outside bet to increase your potential chances of winning. This strategy can be combined with classic roulette strategies such as the Martingale method to know when to change your betting habits or alter the value of your bets.
  • Setting limits
    Whatever strategy you adopt, set limits on your betting behaviour and budget to ensure you always play within your limits. Split your bets in a way you can manage and are comfortable with, and make sure you set strict time and money limits to ensure you always play within your means. This is especially important if you plan to include multiple bets in any given round or plan to follow a traditional roulette strategy.

In addition to the strategies listed above specifically for lightning roulette, there are also a number of traditional roulette strategies that can be used, including the Martingale, Fibonacci and Laboucheur systems. If you would like to know more about these strategies, including how to play them effectively, then please check out Roulette Strategies for more information. (Click for Roulette Strategies)


How to play Lightning Roulette

  1. Choose your chip size and place an inside or outside bet
  2. A live dealer will pull the lightning rod at the end of the betting phase
  3. Up to 5 random single number inside bets will receive a multiplier that applies to all wins that occur on that number – from 50x-500x
  4. The reels start spinning and stop at the numbered positions
  5. All wins are counted and the round is reset back to the betting phase
  6. If the lightning number is the final result, all bets placed on that area will have the lightning multiplier applied to their value

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