How To Win Money On Slot Machines To Become A Slot Machine Winner

Do you want to how to win on slot machines know money and become a slot machine winners? Then read below to learn more about how to trick a slot machine to win

How To Win On Slot Machines

This video will explain how to play slot machines and some other tips for beginners

How To Trick A Slot Machine To Win

  1. Find the payout percentages for different slots. Because many sites casinos pay % for slots. However, casinos do not tell this information to the average player, but insiders can learn about it and post it online or in professional magazines and newsletters.
  2. Choose machines with higher payout percentages to increase your odds. Choosing a higher payout percentage may help improve your overall chances; payout percentage is one of the few specific statistics that can help you choose a slot machine.
  3. Choose the machine with the smallest progressive jackpot. Machines that offer large jackpots tend to pay out less frequently, while machines that offer smaller bonuses tend to pay out more frequently.
  4. Bet the maximum wager to increase the chances of accumulating a bonus. Most machines only pay out bonuses and progressives when wagering maximum points. Even on non-progressive machines, the progressive bonus payout on max credit wagers is usually significantly higher than any other level.
  5. Play in high traffic areas. Machines that pay out more frequently (called “loose” machines) are usually located in areas with high visibility. The idea is that the sound of you winning will attract more attention and entice others to come and spend money as well.
  6. Choose machines based on preference to increase your enjoyment. Whether you prefer a simpler machine with only one pay line or one with lots of bonus features, play the machine you like. The odds of one or the other type will not be significantly better.

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Slot Machine Pictures

Full marksColossal VikingsBESTSlots
Full marksThe EnforcerBESTSlots
Full marksSeance Mysterious AtticBESTSlots
Full marksRuby Hit Hold and WinBESTSlots
Full marksAtomic ReactorBESTSlots
Full marksGypsy 3 Triple TarotBESTSlots
Full marksStarburstBESTSlots
Full marksHot Fruits 100BESTSlots
Full marksPharaoh PrincessBESTSlots
Full marksGolden EmpireBESTSlots
Full marksEgyptian Sun 3BESTSlots
Full marksPhoenix QueenBESTSlots
Full marksSuper 8 Ways UltimateBESTSlots
Full marksWolf NightBESTSlots
Full marksNight of the WolfBESTSlots
Full marksWheel of Chance IIBESTSlots
Full marksUnicorn ScrollsBESTSlots
Full marksMiles Bellhouse and the Gears of TimeBESTSlots
Full marksAztec CoinsBESTSlots
Full marksTwin WinBESTSlots
Full marksSun of Egypt 2BESTSlots
Full marksGolden SkullsBESTSlots
Full marksSuper Hot FruitsBESTSlots
Full marksBook of Oz Lock n SpinBESTSlots
Full marksFirst LoveBESTSlots
Full marksOceans CallBESTSlots
Full marksStory of EgyptBESTSlots
Full marksWild SchoolBESTSlots
Full marksGolden ProfitsBESTSlots
Full marksSakura Fortune IIBESTSlots
Full marksRoyal Coins Hold and WinBESTSlots
Full marksEternal LadyBESTSlots
Full marksSkull BonanzaBESTSlots
Full marksBeijing NightsBESTSlots
Full marksDouble FlameBESTSlots
Full marksSuper Fire 7sBESTSlots
Full marksBlue WizardBESTSlots
Full marksSweet BonanzaBESTSlots
Full marksSeth vs HorusBESTSlots
Full marks60 Second HeistBESTSlots


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