Advanced Strategy For Pai Gow Poker – Top Casino Recommended Online Poker Games

There are many different types of online casino games and the most popular games usually depend on personal preference. Here are some of the top online casino (poker games) recommended by players around the world for the online casino game Pai Gow Poker, which has a high progressive jackpot rate and high payouts. The top strategies and gameplay are listed below.

How to Play Pai Gow Poker Game
The object of a Pai Gow poker game is to beat the dealer, just like in 3 Card Poker or Ultimate Texas Holdem or any poker game. It is necessary to make two independent hands that are both stronger than the dealer’s two hands.

Advanced Strategy of Pai Gow Poker Game

  • 2 pair:Always split, unless:
    1. Two pairs of 6s or below – don’t split.
    2. The hand contains an ace – play the ace behind.
    3 pair:Always play the highest pair in front.
  • 3 pair
    1. If three Aces, play a pair of Aces behind and Ace high in front.
    2. Otherwise, play the three of a kind behind and the remaining high cards in front.
  • 2 sets of 3-of-a-kind
    Split the higher set into a pair and a single – play the pair in front and play the smaller 3-of-a-kind behind. For example, with K,K,K,10,10,10,5 you should play K,K and 10,10,10,K,5..
  • Four of a kind
    1. If 2 to 6, play it behind.
    2. If 7 to 10, split into pairs, unless a pair or an ace and a face card can be played in front.
    3. If J to K, split into pairs, unless the hand also contains a pair of 10s or higher.
    4. If Aces, split into pairs, unless a pair of 4s or higher can be played in front.
  • 5 Aces
    Split, unless a pair of Ks can be played in front.

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