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The strategy also uses a card counting system and is therefore suitable for experienced players who have mastered basic blackjack strategy. This is especially useful if you play online because you cannot get the cards through the real dealers and must rely only on your memory.

parolic strategy
With paroli, the player’s bet is increased by 2 for each winning hand, and if you lose five consecutive hands, your bet is doubled again up to $500 or half of your original bet, depending on the bet you started with.

blackjack face value

The D’Alembert Strategy
This strategy involves one of four basic bets: a stop, a hit, a double down or a split.
In this strategy, if you are dealt a 10 or an ace, you always double your bet. If the dealer has a 10, then they will automatically pop (the term used when they have more than 21) and you will win the hand by doubling your bet.

Labouchere Strategy
Lab is the best strategy to use when you have two card tens and the dealer’s open card is a 10.
It can also be used when you have any two cards with a total of 11 or more points.
With Labouchere, your strategy is to split your initial hand into two hands of five cards each, and continue splitting each time you are dealt a hand that matches one of the hands in play.

Blackjack Betting System Video Instructions – Watch it to Win!


Blackjack rules

  • In Blackjack, everyone plays against the dealer (banker).
  • Your goal is to draw a hand that is as close to 21 as possible without going over.
  • A card over 21 is a bust or a broken card.
  • Players at a blackjack table do not play against each other, but against the dealer.
  • Each player simply has to beat the dealer’s hand to win.
  • You can do this in one of two ways: 1 The total value of the card is greater than the dealer’s total value and is not “busted”.
  • 2 If the dealer is “broke”, then the player wins “by default”.

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