Best Rules And Multipliers For American Roulette 2023

American Roulette, also known as “Double Zero Roulette” or the “00” section, allows for more profit, with players losing only half of their equal-odds bets in the case of 0 or 00. Therefore the American roulette edge is usually 5.26%. For many players, however, this feature only raises the excitement level in order to attract more and more people to play the game.



American Roulette has 38 numbers that are not assigned sequentially, but rather according to a pattern, with 18 being red and 18 black, and “zeros” and “double zeros” (0 and 00) being green. In roulette, players are given different coloured chips and each player’s chips are of a different colour to the other players, making it easier for both the player and the dealer.


The rules of American Roulette are fairly simple. At the start of the game, the dealer spins the roulette wheel and drops a small ball on it. The winners get their winnings and the others lose their chips.
In some casinos, American roulette is played using a rule called “Surrender”. According to the rule, in the case of 0 or 00, the player loses only half of the bet placed at equal odds.

Roulette betting

Roulette Inside Out Betting

Direct bets (single number bets including 0 or 00). The odds are 35 :1.

Split bet (two numbered bets. The chips are arranged on a line between the two numbers). Payout 17 :1.

Road bets (three number bets. (Chips are placed on a vertical line to the left or right of the limit). Odds 11 :1.

Split bet (single number bet, including 0 or 00). (Chips lie between two numbers and a zero/double zero). Odds of 11 :1.

Four Corners (four number bets. (Chips are placed at the intersection of 4 numbers). Odds 8 :1.

Two straight (including 0. 4 number bets are straight plus zero (0-1-2-3). Chips on the (1-2-3) and zero (0)) lines. The odds are 8 :1.

Two straight lines (including 0 and 00. 5 number bets are straight plus zero and double zero (00-0-1-2-3). Chips in the corner close to the line and zero/double zero. Odds 6 :1.

(Two straight columns with chips arranged on a line opposite each other between the 6 chosen numbers). Odds 5 :1.

Roulette outside bets

Column Bet (twelve number bets). Odds 2 :1.

Dozen Bet (12 number bets). Odds 2 :1.

Roulette etc. odds bets

Black/Red (Chips placed in black or red fields). Odds 1 :1.

Single/Double (chips placed in either the single or double field). Odds 1 :1.

Low Half/High Half (chips are placed in 18 numbers: 1 to 18 or 19 to 36). Odds 1 :1.

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