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Bingo is a game of chance where each player is given a square card with a different number. In this game, an extra person is needed, but instead of working as a player, the person working as a caller is reading out the numbers.

Learn about Bama Bingo game

Bama Bingo game this game is timeless and can be played anywhere and anytime.
With the advent of time, bingo can be played remotely with friends via smartphones.
The popularity of bingo is impressive considering that the game is almost 500 years old.

How to play the bama bingo game

For those of you who have never played bingo before, it may be confusing.
What is bingo? So in short, bingo is a game of chance where each player has a card with a different numbered box on it.
There is a pattern of strokes that must be followed, usually 5 strokes vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
However, the pattern may change throughout the game to keep the player interested.

How do I scribble on the cards?

The cards have a 5 × 5 box filled with different numbers.
Then, a person, usually called a “caller”, will read out the number.
If the number is read out, cross it out on your own card! The person who crosses out the complete pattern shouts, “Bingo!” and be the winner.

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