How To Play Blackjack Basic Strategy – Blackjack Strategy Cards

The blackjack strategy is for the player to recite in his head as soon as he sees the sum of the hands basic strategy blackjack, so that the player does not have to look at what cards the dealer has. So, getting the following 4 strategies into your head will allow you to make quicker decisions in the game to avoid losing bets.

Blackjack Strategy Cards:

blackjack chart

How to play blackjack video explanation:

Learn how to play blackjack and the way luck and strategy work together in this popular casino game. It’s you versus the dealer, so time to sharpen up those skills with our quick video guide!

4 basic blackjack strategies


  1. 16 times by Aces to dealer 9 surrender, otherwise don’t surrender (recover hard total).
  2. 15 surrenders to dealer 10 or don’t surrender (restores hard total).


  1. Always split trump.
  2. Never split tens.
  3. Pair of 9’s against dealers 2 through 9, except 7, otherwise stay the same.
  4. Always split 8
  5. Pair of 7’s against dealer 2 to 7, otherwise hit.
  6. Pair of 6’s against dealer 2 to 6 open, otherwise hit.
  7. A pair of 5 doubles against dealer 2 to 9, otherwise hit.
  8. A pair of 4 against dealers 5 and 6, or else hit.
  9. A pair of 3 to dealer 2 to 7 open or hit.
  10. A pair of 2 against a dealer 2 to 7 open or hit.

Soft Total:

  1. Soft 20 (A,9) always stands.
  2. Soft 19 (A,8) doubles against dealer 6, otherwise stops.
  3. Soft 18 (A,7) Double with dealer 2 by 6 and hit 9 by A, otherwise stop.
  4. Soft 17 (A,6) Double with dealer 3 to
  5. Soft 16 (A,5) Double with dealer 4 to 6 or be hit.
  6. Soft 15 (A,4) Double with dealer 4 to 6 or be hit.
  7. Soft 14 (A,3) Double with dealer 5 to 6 or be hit.
  8. Soft 13 (A,2) doubles with dealer 5 to 6 or you are hit.

Hard totals:

  1. Ages 17 and up always stand.
  2. 16 Stand with dealers 2 through 6 or be hit.
  3. 15 Oppose dealers 2 through 6 or be hit.
  4. 14 Stand with dealers 2 through 6 or be hit.
  5. 13 Stand with dealers 2 through 6 or be hit.
  6. 12 Oppose dealers 4 through 6 or be hit.
  7. 11 Always double.
  8. Doubles against dealers 2 through 9, or is hit.
  9. 9 Double against dealers 3 through 6 or be hit.
  10. 8 Always hit.

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How to play blackjack rules

The following are the rules to learn in order to play Blackjack effectively and close the loopholes, whatever they may be:

  • Placing the bets
    Players sit at their seats and place their bets. The game begins with the dealer indicating the minimum and maximum bets. The cards are then dealt one at a time in a clockwise direction, with the cards facing each betting circle and then facing the dealer.
  • Insurance Betting
    When the dealer is dealt an Ace or a 10, the player is allowed to make an insurance bet. When the player says “yes” to the insurance bet, an additional bet equal to half the original bet can be placed. If the dealer has a blackjack, the player wins the insurance bet.
  • Deal between dealer and player
    The dealer reveals a Blackjack, and if there is a Blackjack, the dealer reveals the bottom card. Unless a player has blackjack, either all players lose. When the dealer and any player get a Blackjack, Push takes effect and the player gets the dealer’s bet.
  • Blackjack Standing
    When a player has blackjack, any player can stand. This means that the dealer is not willing to deal further bets or participate in a betting round.
  • Hit
    A player uses a hit to acquire another card. The dealer then deals a card face up. The combination is less than 21 and the player can stop or ask for another card. The total is 21; automatically in standing position. If more than 21, the hand is eliminated and the dealer chooses the best player and will pass to the next player.
  • Splitting
    A player can also split, if two cards are the same. A raise can be made equal to the original bet. The dealt cards can then be split into two hands. When the split comes into play, the dealer deals an extra card. If there are cards of matching rank, the player can split again. Generally, this applies to a maximum of 5 hands.

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