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There are many variants of blackjack. The most common classic blackjack game is played with a 6 or 8 deck “box” of cards. Single deck and double deck games are still popular, but not all casinos with blackjack will have single deck and double deck cards, so “betting games” are more common. The following is a basic instruction on how to play blackjack:

How to play blackjack

  • First step:Participants exchange their betting cards
  1. Before a participant can play at a poker table, the participant must have a card that can be used for betting.
  2. Many casinos no longer allow “cash” bets, so the participant has to ask the dealer to exchange the participant’s money for the casino betting card in equal amounts.
  3. The dealer will place the participant’s buy-in on the table so that the amount of the bet can be clearly monitored. After verifying the amount, the dealer will push the betting card to the participant.
  4. The first thing the participant needs to do is to place a bet in the betting circle.
  5. There will be a limit on the right and left side of the table that will tell the participant the maximum and minimum bets.
  • Step 2:Dealers distribute cards to participants
  1. After a participant has placed a bet, the dealer deals a face-up card to all participants at the table from left to right, and then deals a face-down card to himself.
  2. The dealer then deals another face-up card to all participants and another face-up card to himself.
  • Step 3:The participants decide how to play the cards
  1. The dealer starts with the participant on the left hand side and waits for the participant to play.
  2. To play a hand, the participant first adds up the face value of the cards, which gives a total number of card points between 4 – 21.
  3. If the participant gets a ten plus an ace as the first two cards, this means that a Blackjack is awarded. As long as the dealer does not have a Blackjack, all participants are paid 3 to 2 (or 1.5 times the participant’s bet) without the dealer having to look at all of the participant’s cards.
  4. However, if the dealer has a Blackjack, the participant does not win anything, but the participant also does not lose the original bet. This is called a “push”.
  5. If the participant does not have a Blackjack and the dealer does not have a Blackjack, the dealer waits from left to right for the participant to play his or her hand. When it is his or her turn, the decision must be made using the appropriate hand gesture.
  6. The dealer does not respond to what the participant says, because the camera needs to see the player’s decision.


  • Step 4 : A tutorial of the 5 gestures to answer the dealer:
  1. No More Cards – If the participant’s first two cards are acceptable, the participant may not take the cards and the dealer will move to the next participant. [Participant gestures: waving the hand from side to side or simply placing an open palm on the table]
  2. Hit – If the participant wants cards to increase his or her hand total, the dealer will deal them to the participant one at a time until the participant “blows” (total over 21 points) or does not need cards. [Gesture: Tap your finger on the table].
  3. Double Down – If the participant’s hand total is in his or her favor but wants a card, the participant may double the initial bet and the dealer will deal the participant only one additional card.
    [Hand gesture: simply bet on the left side of the original bet, equal to the participant’s initial bet, and the dealer will give the participant an extra card, turning to the side to indicate that the participant cannot take an extra card]
  4. Split – If the participant is dealt two cards of equal value, the participant may choose to bet a second time and the dealer will split the two cards so that each card will be the first of two new hands.
    [Gesture: The second bet is equal to the first bet. Then a “peace sign” is given to indicate a desire to split rather than double down. The dealer will split two hands from the participant’s first hand and deal the participant a second card for each hand].
  5. Raising the White Flag – If the participant does not like his or her initial hand, he or she may choose to fold it in exchange for half of your original bet.
    [Gesture: Draw a line on the table. Dealers often mistake this signal for a “hit” signal. To be on the safe side, always dictate the word “surrender” to your dealer and then signal the camera on the felt].
  • Step 5 : Payoffs
  1. When the participant’s hand is over, the dealer has also completed the hand as described above. One of two things will happen next.
  2. The dealer’s hand explodes and pays an equal amount of money (1x the bet) for each hand in play at the table.
  3. Or the dealer will make a hand (17 to 21).
  4. If the participant’s hand is still in play, then it’s a simple battle of who has the better hand.
  5. If the dealer has a larger hand, it will sweep the participant’s bet. If the participant has a higher hand, the dealer pays c double the participant’s bet. If the sum of the participant’s and dealer’s hands is the same, it is considered a “draw”.
    This is the end of how to play blackjack.

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