How To Play Texas Hold em – Variants Ultimate Texas Hold’em

How to Play Texas Hold em : ( The Ultimate Texas Hold’em Video Tutorial )

Ultimate Texas hold em Rules

At the table in front of the player (live or online) the player will see different betting circles:

  • Given
  • Blinds
  • Play
  • Itinerary
  • To play a good hand of Ultimate Texas Hold’em, a player needs to bet at least 2 times – the ante and the blinds.
  • Trips bets are bets that players can choose and are only paid out when a player hits a specific hand.
  • Players can bet at different multiples at different points in the hand. The following is how the game is played:
  • Each player makes two mandatory opening bets – an “ante” bet and a “blind” bet
  • There is also an optional “Trips” bet that the player can select before the deal
  • The two cards are then dealt face down to the player and the dealer
  • Once the player has checked their cards, they can choose to add a “play” bet at 3x or 4x the value of the ante
  • The player can also check and wait for the next betting round
  • The dealer then deals 3 community cards, face up on the table. These are shared by the player and the dealer
  • If the player checks on the first betting round, they can now make a play bet worth 2 times the ante or check again
  • Once you have placed a play bet, you can no longer bet again
  • After a player bets or passes again, the dealer deals two more shared common cards in the middle of the table
  • If a player has not yet bet (passed twice), they must either fold (lose the ante and blinds) or bet 1x ante
  • Once all cards have been dealt and all “play” cards have been bet, the dealer will reveal the bottom card and announce the best 5 cards of all players.

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