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Three Card Poker Rules

  • Three Card Poker with 6 Bonuses is a casino table game played against the dealer.
  • Start with three separate bets: Ante, Pair Plus and 6-Card Bonus.
  • The ante is the only bet required. Both Pair Plus and 6-Card Bonus are optional bets.
  • After the bet is placed, both the player and the dealer are dealt three cards.
  • The hands are listed from highest to lowest.
  • Straight Flush, Straight Flush, Straight Flush, Straight Flush, Pair, and Overcard.

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Three Card Poker Pair Plus

  • Pair Plus bets to win when a player has a pair or better in his hand.
  • Even if a player loses to the dealer, if the player has a pair or better, the Pair Plus bet wins.
  • However, if the player folds, the Pair Plus bet is forfeited.

The Pair Plus payout table is as follows.

Straight Flush40 to 1
Three of a Kind30 to 1
Straight5 to 1
Flush4 to 1
Pair1 to 1

The 6 Bonus bet is an additional optional bonus bet. It pays out based on a maximum five-card poker hand consisting of a six-card combination of the player’s and the dealer’s cards. It has a house edge of 10.23%. 6-Card Bonus payout table is as follows.

Royal Flush1000 to 1
Straight Flush200 to 1
Four of a Kind50 to 1
Full House25 to 1
Flush20 to 1
Straight10 to 1
Three of a Kind5 to 1

Three Card Poker Bets and Games

  • Before the cards are dealt, the player places an ante bet. After a hand of three cards is dealt, the player may.
  • Fold and lose the ante.
  • Continue betting, with the bet equaling the ante.
  • If the player decides to bet, the dealer’s hand is revealed and a showdown occurs. If the dealer has Queen high or better, the hand is said to qualify. If the dealer qualifies, the outcome of the hand will be determined based on the ranking of the hand as follows.
ResultAnte bet PaysPlay Bet Pays
Dealer does not qualifyWin Even MoneyPush
Dealer qualifies, player's hand winsWin Even MoneyWin Even Money
Dealer qualifies, player's hand tiesPushPush
Dealer qualifies, player's hand losesLoseLose

Pair Raise
If the player’s hand has a pair or better, the dealer will pay the player a bonus based on the following pair raise odds

Pair Odds
Straight Flush: 40:1
Trifecta: 30:1
Straight: 6:1
Flush: 3:1
Pair: 1:1

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