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There are many different types of online casino games and the most popular ones usually depend on personal preference. Here are the top online casinos with high bonus rates (4D lottery games) that are loved by players worldwide.

How to Play Malay 4D Lottery Guide

  1. In the 4D lottery game, bet on a 4-digit number (from 0000 to 9999).
  2. Types of 4D bets and how to win.
  3. Regular, 4D Rolling, System, iBet
  4. There are 4 different types of bets available for people to choose from.
  5. When the 4-digit number is matched correctly, the person wins money.

Types of BetHow to betHow to win
OrdinarySelect 4 digits in a particular sequenceWins when bet is exactly the same as the prize winning number (same number in the same order)
SystemWins when the 4 digits matches.Numbers do not need to be in exact sequence. (But prize money is lower)
iBetWins when the 4 digits matches.Numbers do not need to be in exact sequence. (But prize money is lower)
4D RollSelect 3 digits and 1 rolling number.Rolling number can represent any number.Wins when number matches winning number in the same order.

How much can I win in 4D?

There are 2 main types of bets in 4D.

Bet TypeWhat it means?
BigFor Big bet, one wins a prize if his 4D number appears in any of the 5 categories (Top 3 prizes, starter and consolation)
SmallFor Small bet, one will only win if his 4D number appears in the top 3 prize categories.

The prize of winning any of the categories is pegged to $1.

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