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How to get the hexagonal five points bonus

  1. Buy five points lottery strategically
  2. Buy as many lottery tickets as possible to increase your chances of winning.
  3. Play a few times a week for a small investment and potentially high returns.
  4. Join lottery pools and buy multiple tickets collectively.

Lukewarm 5 points lottery opening hours and lottery rules

  1. 00:05am-24:00pm (GMT+8), one period every 5 minutes, 288 periods throughout the day
  2. 7 numbers (including special codes) will be drawn from the 1-49 numbered balls in each hexagonal lottery.
  3. Positive code: The first 6 numbers are called positive code.
  4. Special Code: The last number to be drawn in the current period is called the special code.

The way to bet on the six five-point lottery

  1. You can bet online with your cell phone
  2. Betting at designated lottery betting shops
  3. Betting online with customer service (consult customer service)

How to play the Mark Six Five Lottery

  • Special Code – Combined Zodiac
    Choose 2 Chinese zodiac signs to form 1 bet. The special code is within the range of numbers corresponding to the Chinese zodiac sign of the bet, that is, the winning prize. The actual actual person will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.
  • Special Code – Five Elements
    The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.
    Gold: 01,02,09,10,23,24,31,32,39,40
    Wood: 05,06,13,14,21,22,35,36,43,44
    Water: 11,12,19,20,27,28,41,42,49
    Fire: 07,08,15,16,29,30,37,38,45,46
    Earth: 03,04,17,18,25,26,33,34,47,48
  • Positive Code – Any One

The first time a number is chosen to form a bet, the positive code of the ticket contains the betting number that wins the prize. For example: lottery numbers 01,02,03,04,05,06 + 07, bet on 02, that is, win the prize.

  • Color wave:
    Red wave – 01,02,07,08,12,13,18,19,23,24,29,30,34,35,40,45,46
    Blue wave – 03,04,09,10,14,15,20,25,26,31,36,37,41,42,47,48
    Green wave – 05,06,11,16,17,21,22,27,28,32,33,38,39,43,44,49
    Seven Color Wave
    Positive zodiac sign: Choose 1 zodiac sign for 1 bet, when any positive code belongs to the same zodiac sign as the chosen one, it is a winner.
    No matter how many times the same zodiac sign appears, only one prize can be won.
    Seven Color Waves:
    Choose 1 wave color, i.e. 1 bet.
    The color of the positive code counts as 1 and the color of the special code counts as 1.5.
    After adding up the values of the “red wave”, “blue wave” and “green wave” of the lottery numbers, the wave color with the highest value is the seven-color wave of the current period as the lottery color.
    The following 3 results are considered as the lottery.

1: 6 positive codes are 3 blue waves and 3 green waves, special codes are red waves
2: 6 positive codes are 3 blue waves and 3 red waves, and the special code is green wave
3: 6 positive codes open 3 green and 3 red waves, while the special code is blue wave
In case of a tie, all bets placed on the red, green and blue seven-color waves will be refunded; you can bet on the tie.

  • Positive Codes
    The first to sixth numbers of the lottery numbers, i.e. the first to sixth numbers of the positive code
    The first number of the positive code, i.e. the first to sixth numbers of the positive code.
    The selected number is the same as the lottery number in that position, which is the prize.

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