Malaysia Casino We1Win – Winning Strategy Plays For Dragon Tiger Games

There are many different types of online casino games and the most popular ones usually depend on personal preference. Here are some of the top online casino (card games) recommended online casino games loved by players around the world: (Dragon Tiger games) with high progressive jackpot rates and high payouts. Learn more about the winning strategies for Dragon Tiger games below.

LW Strategy Tips

  • Martingale Method
  1. Players use the Martingale method, where after each subsequent round they double their bet to offset earlier losses in Dragon Tiger. Here’s how it works in practice
  2. Place a $1 bet in a slot game. If you lose the first round, use the harness method, i.e. double your bet in the next round.
  3. In the second round, place a $2 bet on the Tiger side.
  4. If you lose in the second round, double your bet in the third round for a total of $4. To increase your chances of winning, you must stick to the same side, in this case the Tigers.
  5. Remember, if you win the third round, your bet in the next round must be reset to the starting bet of $1.
  6. If you want to perform this technique correctly, it is best to start with your initial bet. You will have an easier time reaching your set betting limit as you will be doubling your bet in each round.
  7. In addition, as your chances of winning increase with each round, you must continue to bet on the same side. By the time you reach the third round, your chances of losing are only 15.50%. If you swap sides in any round, the Martingale technique will not work.

  • Card counting strategy
  1. As Dragon Tiger Live Casino uses a limited number of cards, players can quickly count out the cards that are dealt. You must improve your concentration and observation skills to perfect your card counting methods.
  2. While counting cards as you play may seem challenging at first, it will become second nature as you practice. By using this technique, you can keep track of the large value cards that have been dealt, and the number of 7 cards that have been played.
  3. Keep an eye out for paired sevens as these are automatic losses. If most of the seven cards have been dealt, you have a better chance of winning.
  • Suit-based strategy
  1. There are ways to improve your chances of winning. All you need to do now is keep track of which suits have been played and which are still in the deck.
  2. If you find that the diamond suit is the least frequently dealt hand, you should bet on diamonds. When playing Dragon Tiger online casino games, remember to count the number of suits dealt, not the number of suits in the deck.

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Malaysia Casino We1Win – Share How To Play Dragon Tiger

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