Malaysian Casino We1Win – 2023 Double Ball Roulette Best Betting Tips

There are many different types of online casino games and the most popular ones usually depend on personal preference. Here are some of the top online casino (double ball roulette) recommended online casino games loved by players worldwide: (double ball roulette and live roulette) both with high progressive jackpot rates and high payouts.


Double Ball Roulette

In Double Ball Roulette, you have a wide range of bets to choose from. Most of these are similar to the bets available in standard roulette.
The outside bets include the following.
Red or black, odd or even, 1-18 or 19-36.
Both balls landing on the chosen number or colour will give 3 to 1 odds. It is possible to bet on one ball landing in red and the other in black. This bet pays out evenly. It is also possible to select a set of 12 numbers and if both balls land on the 12 numbers selected, the payout is 8 to 1.
1 – 12, 13 – 24, 25 – 36.
Several numbered bets pay depending on whether only 1 ball or both balls fall in the selected number.
Single number bets offer the best odds of 17 to 1 if one ball hits, and 34 to 1 if both balls hit.
A 2 bet pays 8 to 1 if one ball hits, or 16 to 1 if both balls hit.
Bet 3 pays 5 to 1 if one ball hits and 10 to 1 if both balls hit.
If one ball hits, the number 4 bet pays 3 to 1 and if both balls hit, it pays 6 to 1.
A 5 bet pays 5 to 2 if one ball hits, or 5 to 1 if both balls hit.
A 6 bet pays 2 to 1 if one ball hits, or 4 to 1 if both balls hit.
Finally, the game offers a type of bet known as a ‘double jackpot bet’. I have seen at least one online casino with live dealers offering this bet in the game at 1300 to 1.



Double Ball Roulette Rules

Depending on the casino, Double Ball Roulette uses either a single or double wheel. Most of the layout is the same as a standard roulette game, except for the 2 balls and the optional second wheel.
This is another difference.
Instead of the dealer rolling the ball around the edge of the wheel, the ball is shot using a remote control. It triggers a blast of compressed air that sets the ball in motion. It reminds me of some of the more advanced pinball machines I’ve played before. For most outside bets to win, both balls have to win. If you bet on a double ball jackpot, both balls must land on the same number to win.


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