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Teen Patti by Octro – Indian Poker Card Game, A 3 CARD GAME ALSO KNOWN AS INDIAN POKER .

How to play Teen Patti
Players contribute starter money and receive three face down cards. Now it is the turn of the player next to the dealer clockwise. The player can choose to bet without looking at his cards (blinds) or to look at them. When a player sees his cards, he/she can play chaal or may have other options depending on the progress of the game. A player who bets the blinds is called a blind player. A player who sees the cards and then bets is called a seeing player.

Teen Patty Rules

  • Blind Player
    As a blind player, the player must not see his or her cards. If available, there is an option to play Pack, Blind and Show.
  • To play Blind
    Place the amount of the bet into the ante. The blind amount is equal to the current bet amount or twice the current bet amount.
  • If it is the first player
    The current bet amount is the starting amount. Therefore, if the first player is a blind player, that player’s bet amount must be equal to the lead amount or twice the lead amount.
  • Share Amount
    The wager placed by the blind player will become the next player’s stake amount, while half of the wager placed by the sighted player will become the next player’s stake amount.
  • In the case of the next blind player, the bet amount can be equal to the stake amount or twice the stake amount.
  • The blind player can only claim the show if there is one opponent left in the game. This is a blind show. After the show is requested, both players’ cards are visible and the winner gets the bottom pot.
  • Seen Players
    The seen player may play Chaal, Pack or may have other options. Other options available to the seen player are Show and Side Show. once you see your hand, in order to stay in the game, you must play chaal unless you choose any of the other available options.

Limited Stake Tables
The first time a player plays Teen Patti, he or she is playing at a limited-stakes table.
When playing at the first limited stakes table, the starting amount is 2, up to 4 blinds can be played, up to 256 chaal can be played, and the pot limit is 2048.
When the pot limit is reached, all players still in the game will be forced to show their cards and the winner will receive the pot.

No-Limit Stakes Tables
In the limit table at the unlimited bet level, the lead is 4, the player can play up to 4 blinds, the maximum Chaal that can be played is 512, and the Pot limit is 4096.
Those players who have played many hands and have a lot of chips play at higher level tables.

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