Poker Game – Share Jacks or Better Best Winning Strategy

The Best Jacks or Better Strategy
The following are the main tips for Jacks or Better poker strategy.

  • When you have four cards that are straights or flushes, hold all four cards and draw only one more card.
  • When you have three royal flush cards, keep them! Draw two more cards and you might get lucky.
  • Do you only need two more cards for a royal flush? Take the three lucky cards you have and draw two more.
  • When you get a pair of cards, hold them and draw three more cards. However, this tip does not always apply.
  • If you have no matching cards in your hand, hold a card of value higher than or equal to a Jack.
  • No combination and no Jacks or higher? Draw five new cards.

Learn some tips for playing Jack or better video poker
Players can purchase strategy cards at the top casino We1Win gift store or use the charts at the online site. These charts will show the player the number of cards held or folded based on the cards dealt in the player’s initial video poker hand.

  • For example, the following hands.
  • The player has only one overcard and catches four cards.
  • The player has any pair, draws three cards.
  • Player has three of a kind or three of a kind, two cards are drawn
  • If the player has four of a kind, two pairs, or four flushes or straight flushes, one card is drawn.
  • A player has a flush, a straight flush, a gourd, a straight flush or a royal flush, do not catch any cards.

The Jacks or Better Rule
To play Jacks or Better for a winning bonus, a player’s hand needs to contain Jacks or Better cards. Players receive extra points for each hand of Jacks or Better. Players can play multiple hands at a time, so the more hands a player bets, the bigger the player’s winnings will be.

Here are all the Jacks or Better hand values

  1. High – A Jack or higher card.
  2. Full House – is a hand that has both a three of a kind and a pair.
  3. Two Pairs- Two pairs of cards with the same number.
  4. Flush – Five cards of the same suit.
  5. Straight Flush – Five cards in order and of the same suit.
  6. Three Royal Flush – When a player has the three cards needed to complete a Royal Flush.
  7. Pair – Two cards with the same number.
  8. Four-to-Flush – Is when a player has dealt four of the five cards needed to complete a flush.
  9. Three Cards – Three cards of the same number.
  10. Four Pair Straight – Four cards in sequence.
  11. Three Pairs of Straight Flushes- Three consecutive cards of the same suit.
  12. Straight Flush – Similar to a Straight Flush, except that the five cards do not have to have the same suit. They only need to be in order.
  13. Four – Four cards of the same number.
  14. Royal Flush- Is the strongest and highest paying hand a player can get. This is a hand that contains five cards of the same suit in the order from 10 to Ace.
  15. Four Pairs of Flushes – When the player has four cards of the same suit.
  16. Two Straight Flush- Two cards that are two cards away from reaching a Straight Flush.

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