Poker Game – Share The Best Three Card Poker Strategy In 2023

Three Card Poker is an exciting variation of Poker game played with a standard 52-card deck. Three Card Poker offers three ways to play and four different ways to win. Three Card Poker lets the player bet against the dealer, or bet on the value of their own three-card hand, or bet both against the dealer and on the value of their own hand. The game strategy is as follows

The basic rules of three-card poker

  • Each player must place a “floor” bet in order to play. Optional bets can be made.
  • Each player and the dealer are dealt three cards face down.
  • Players will review their cards and must decide whether to fold or “play”.
  • In order to “play”, the player must bet the same value as the “ante”.
  • After all players have folded or continued to play their hands, the dealer shows their hands and compares them to each player’s hand, with the higher hand winning.
  • If the dealer has a higher-value hand, both the “ante” and the bet lose. If the player and dealer tie, the “under” and “play” bets will be tied.
  • If the player has a higher value hand, the Play will pay an equal amount and the Underbet will pay an equal amount or odds depending on the strength of the hand.

Three Card Poker Strategy
The best three-card poker strategy revolves around knowing when to raise or fold given a different hand.

  • Raising with Q/6/4 or better chips
    The strategy for playing three card poker is very simple. If you hold queens, sixes and fours or stronger, raise your bet. If not, you should fold. Do not bet when your hand is worth less than Queen-Six-Fourse.
  • Raise any hand stronger than Q-6-4
    Fold any hand Q-6-3 or weaker
  • How do you know if you have Queen-Six-Four or better?
    You simply start with the first biggest card and compare it to the Q. If your first biggest card is bigger than the Q, you can play and ignore the other two cards.
  • If your first card is a Q and your second card is greater than a 6, you can still play regardless of the ranking of your third card. If the second card is less than 6, you fold and do not play.


Three Card Poker Hand Rankings

  • The following should be noted.
  • In three card poker, a
  • A straight trumps a flush
  • Three of a kind beats a straight
  • Aces are always the high card, except for the 3-2-A sequence.
  • If a hand does not contain a pair or better hand, the hand containing the highest ranking hand wins.
  • When comparing two hands with the same rank, the hand containing the highest ranking hand will be considered the highest ranking hand.

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