Poker Game – Share Ultimate Texas Hold’em Betting Strategy

Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a table variation of the classic poker game, offering players the opportunity to play against the dealer. Multiple betting options, wide table limits and fast action make Ultimate Texas Hold’em the game of choice for visitors to many island resorts and casinos.

How to play Ultimate Texas Hold’em

  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em is played with a standard 52-card deck.
  • To start the hand, the dealer places five cards (called the commons) face down on the table.
  • Each player and the dealer are dealt two cards.
  • Players look at their cards and decide to pass or raise the ante.

How to bet at Ultimate Texas Hold’em
In Ultimate Texas Hold’em, players have a variety of betting options. To start the hand, players must bet equal amounts in the ante and blind circles. Players can also make optional Trips bonus bets.

  • Antes and Blinds
    Prior to this hand, each player must bet equally in each of the laps. The amount of these bets is usually determined by the table’s minimum bet.
  • Triple Bonus
    An optional bet in which the Triple Bonus pays the odds if your last five cards equal three or better.Trips bets pay out depending on the odds of getting a hand.
  • Raise
    Players can raise before the flop or at the end of each round of action. Players can only raise once per hand. The earlier the raise is made, the higher the value of the bet.
    For example, a player who raises before the “flop” may raise 3 or 4 times their initial ante. The raise limit decreases after the “turn” and again after the “river”.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em Strategy

  • Post-Flop Strategy
    Once the flop is out, players will again have to decide whether to check or to double down for value. To really break down the strategy of post-flop play into detail, you’ll need to use a calculator, but here are some simple tips to follow.
  • If a player has two pairs or better, betting 2x on the flop circle, a hidden pair (with a community and a full house) is better than a pair of twos, or a four pair flush
    On the river, bet 1x if the player has a hidden pair or better, or if the dealer has less than 21 mulligans to beat your hand.
  • Pre-Flop Strategy
    In Ultimate Texas Hold’em, players do not have as wide a range of pre-flop options as they do in a true no-limit Hold’em, so strategy is much simpler. There are a few simple rules that players can follow that will make their lives easier.
  • Raise to 4x when all hands contain Aces
  • Raise to 4x with K5o+ and K2s – K4s
  • Raise to 4x with Q8o+ as well as Q6s and Q7s
  • Raise to 4x with JTo and J8s and J9s
  • Raise to 4x with all pairs of 33 or better

How to play Ultimate Texas Hold’em online

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