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Ugga Bugga free slot machine takes you to the tropical land. Go back to the time when society was not fully developed and humans were not as articulate as they are today. You are trying to cross the land and tribes that inhabit this beach island, while also trying to gain some wealth and riches.

How to play Ugga Bugga Slot Machine

  • How to play Ugga Bugga Slot Machine
  • There are 3 reels and 10 paylines.
  • Players playing the Ugga Bugga Free Slot Machine will see icons such as bongo drums, tribal masks, tribesmen with spears and shields, huts and bowls of tropical fruits.
  • The minimum bet is 1 coin; the maximum bet is 5 coins.
  • The progressive jackpot is 1,000 times your bet.
  • But this only applies to gamblers who wager the maximum amount.
  • The grand prize is also only available to players who are willing to take the risk and bet as much as possible.
  • Players who win the Ugga Bugga slots jackpot will also see a bonus icon, a shiny mask.

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Ugga Bugga Slot Machine Rules
Bets and coins: Set your total bet between £0.01 and £10 per line and you can bet one, two or the maximum bet line to make your total bet between £0.10 and £100.

Ugga Buga Slot – Gameplay Video

Player icons on Ugga Bugga feature various huts, drums, food bowls and tribesmen with spears. In some cases, players will win prizes for landing 1 icon, but bigger wins are matching 3 identical icons, and mixing 3 different icons. The largest non-jackpot prize is 3 Black Masks, which is 125 times the principal amount of t bet. Check out the payout table below for details.

Symbol3 on a payline2 on a payline1 on a payline
Wild1,000x (Max Bet) 250x (Bet 1 or 2)2x1x
Black mask125x--
Red mask100x--
Orange mask75x--
Any 3 masks25x--
Black drum50x--
Red drum35x--
Orange drum20x--
Any 3 drums10x--
Any 3 masks and drums5x--
Chief hut30x--
Orange hut20x--
Brown hut10x--
Any 3 huts5x--
Blue bowl15x--
Brown bowl10x--
Orange bowl5x--
Any 3 bowls2x--
Man with spear5x2x1x

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