Magnum 4D Grand Dragon Lottery is Easy To Play in Three Steps

Magnum 4D Grand Dragon Lotto is a digital lottery game offered by the Malaysian National Lottery Corporation (Magnum) and is played as follows. A video tutorial is included at the end.

How to play Magnum 4D Grand Dragon Lotto

There are 3 steps for users to play Magnum 4D Grand Dragon Lotto:

  1. The user can choose the four digit number he/she wants, such as 6666, and the user can choose any number he/she wants.
  2. The more numbers you choose, the better your chances of winning. There is also an automatic selection tool to help the user choose the number.
  3. It determines whether the user wants to play the big bet or the small bet type or both. Choose the amount of money to bet on each number.

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Magnum 4D Grand Dragon Lotto Bet type

  1. Big bet type
    Big covers all 23 lottery numbers, but its 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes are smaller than Small.
  2. Small bet type
    Small has only the top three prizes – first, second and third. However, the winning prizes are higher than Big.

Magnum 4D Grand Dragon Lotto – Prize Overview

Prize CategoryEvery RM1 on 4D (BIG)Every RM1 on 4D (SMALL)
1st PrizeRM2,875RM4,025
2nd PrizeRM1,150RM2,300
3rd PrizeRM575RM1,150
Starter PrizeRM230
Consolation PrizeRM69

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