The Many Forms Of Online Roulette In 2023

When it comes to the most common casino games, casino games such as roulette, craps and blackjack all have multiple variants and are used in both physical and online casinos around the world. Almost every version of the game can now be found online. Below, all forms of roulette are listed, with explanations of why some versions are more suitable for gamblers than others.

1 – American Roulette

You know, you’re familiar with the rules and you’ve accepted the American version of roulette as the standard. To be fair, it’s not a bad choice. For all the games that most casinos offer, regular roulette is one of the best options in terms of odds and low casino edge. However, when you consider the online option, it doesn’t look so appealing.First, I will go into the details of this particular version of roulette.
The main feature of American roulette is the presence of both 0 and 00 pockets. In addition, the numbers 1 to 36, located between the two zeroes, are in a different order to other forms of roulette in the world. However, the table layout is the same.
While this is a good option for gamblers and offers the opportunity to make money, the odds are not as favourable as in other forms of the game. The casino advantage for a single number bet in American Roulette is about 5.3%.

2 – European Roulette
There is one main difference between European Roulette and American Roulette. The European version of the game is more popular with gamblers because the casino edge is half that of the American version.
European Roulette has 37 pockets and only one zero position. The 2.6% house edge on European Roulette is certainly more attractive than the 5.3% house edge on American Roulette.

3 – Two-Ball Roulette

Double Ball Roulette The game actually started as an experiment for casinos (only a few have ever offered it). The idea was that it offered more excitement than the standard version of the game and would entice new players to try their hand at throwing another small white ball into the equation, taking the action up a few notches. The game is played on a European style wheel where the low house edge also applies to the two ball wheel.
If this version of roulette sounds appealing to you, it’s best not to seek it out in a casino. Instead browse We1Win online casino, which includes double ball roulette among its platform offerings.

4 – Multi-Round Roulette
If you think double ball roulette sounds exciting, wait until you’ve heard that multi wheel roulette allows you to bet on eight wheels at once, rather than simply on a ball and wheel combination. Now, one important thing to note is that you are placing the same bet on all the active wheels, so you are not placing eight bets per round, which can get very intense after a few spins. If you are wondering how the winning payout works, it may be easier than you think.

5 – Quick Roulette (or Video Roulette)
Real money roulette has a relatively low casino edge. For casinos, this means they need to get players to bet on more spins to get the amount of bets needed to make a substantial profit. The difference between a fast wheel and a traditional setup is that it offers the game in video form – or at least the player is betting on a video board. The wheel itself is not virtual and may or may not have a real person performing the spins each time. In some cases, the ball will be deployed electronically, but once it hits the wheel it is free to fall anywhere.


6 – Mini Roulette
Want to simplify the regular version of roulette? I bring you Mini Roulette!This game functions just as it sounds, involving the familiar roulette routine, but the wheel is 13 numbers instead of the standard 37 (European) or 38 (American).One thing to note is that, apart from the reduced numbers, the mini-roulette wheel is slightly different in that bets that don’t cover zero will only lose half if the ball ends in zero. Mini Roulette is more innovative than some of the other versions, it is still a fun game and can be profitable if luck is on your side.


If one form of the game starts to lose its lustre, consider trying another version of the game. If you can’t find it at your local casino, it only takes a few minutes to find any of the versions in this article at We1Win best online gaming platform.


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