How to Play Magnum 4D Lotto – Malaysia E Wallet Casino

Magnum 4d is a digital lottery game offered by the Malaysian National Lottery Corporation (Magnum) and is played as follows.

Magnum 4D Rules of Play

  1. Choose any set of 6 digits and a set of 2 digit golden numbers from 00 to 19 numbers.
  2. The minimum purchase price is RM2.
  3. You can win millions of dollars when your 6-digit number and 2-digit golden number match the draw result.

Winning Rules

There are 7 ways to win the prize, all based on how well your 6-digit and 2-digit gold numbers match the numbers we draw. Will use this drawing result as an example:

6 digits 5767232-digit Golden Number 12
Prize Category6 Digits2-digit Gold NumberExampleWill win per RM2 purchase
1Exact MatchExact Match576723 + 12Jackpot 1 Bonus:RM2,000,000 + Jackpot 1 Snowball
2First 5 digit match or last 5 digit matchExact Match576721+12 or 176723+12Jackpot 2:Jackpot 2 Snowball(or guaranteed minimum rm100,000)
3Exact matchNo match576723 + 00RM100,000 for every RM2 bought
4First 5 digits match or last 5 digits matchNo match576721 + 00 or 176723 + 00RM3,388 per RM3,388 purchase
5First 4 digits match or last 4 digits matchNo match576711 + 00 or 116723 + 00RM3,388 per RM388 purchase
6First 3 digits match or last 3 digits matchNo match576111 + 00 or 111723 + 00Buy RM38 for every RM2
7571111 + 00 first 2 digits match or OR middle 2 digits matchNo match571111 + 00 or 116711 + 00 or 111123 + 00Buy RM4 per RM2 or last 2 digits match

Winning Rules

  • If there is more than one winner of Jackpot 1 or Jackpot 2, the prize will be divided among all winners proportionally to their respective purchase amounts. With one purchase of RM2, you will receive a partial share of either Jackpot 1 or Jackpot 2.
  • The amount of the Jackpot 1 snowball is equal to 19.80% of the total sales of all tickets at the time of the previous win of Jackpot 1.
  • The Jackpot 2 “snowball” is the sum of 7.0125% of the total sales of all drawings prior to Jackpot 2.
  • The prize is capped at RM10 million. If the total prize exceeds this amount in a single draw, then RM10 million will be distributed among all winners in direct proportion to their respective purchases. Each purchase of RM2 will result in a small share of RM10 million.
  • The prize is capped at RM5,000,000. If the total prize exceeds this figure in a single draw, then RM5 million will be distributed among all winners in direct proportion to their respective buy-in amounts. Each time you buy RM2, you get a fractional share of RM5,000,000.

Purchase Rules

You can choose to “roll” any of your 6 digit numbers. This will produce 10 different numbers. You now have 10 purchases, so the minimum total purchase is RM2o.

Example 6-digit shake out the first digit 121888021888, 121888, 221888, 321888, 421888, 521888,621888,721888,821888,921888
Shake out the fourth digit of 190872190072, 190172, 190272, 190372, 190472, 190572,190672, 190772, 190872, 190972

Check if you have won

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