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There are many different kinds of online casino games, and the most popular ones usually depend on personal preference. The following top online casinos loved by players worldwide recommend online poker games with high progressive jackpot rates and high payouts watch bull.

Poker bull winning strategy

  • Fully understand and familiar with the rules
    Regardless of playing any kind of game, the very beginning is to know the basic rules and play, if the rules are not clear to play blindly will lose a lot of misery. The game of bull where the larger cards are bull, bull nine, players can choose the maximum number of times to choose the banker or player, bull nine refers to 10, k, 10, 9; bull refers to j, k, 8, 2; also remember that bull 1, bull 2 is a relatively small card, a small card can choose a higher rate of banker or player, in fact, the overall rules of the game of bull is relatively simple, and I have previously organized, want to understand the The friends can go to the hottest software station to learn oh.
  • It’s a good idea to keep your gambling and betting desires in check
    Players want to win money in the bull, the first mind to calm down, bad temperament must hold back their gambling nature, if the player is not in a good state of mind, this judgment is often affected, not enough rational and calm, so it is easy to lose money; there is even lost a few innings, the heart has been very anxious on fire, want to add input, win back losses, remember that this time must be held back not to bet, go out and sneak around Perhaps, share a little attention. And often because of the impulse to bet, the consequences will be bloodless.
  • Dare to enter the game and learn to let go
    Different from the second article of forbearance, players also have to learn to be ruthless, how to say that is when your opponent attacked ferociously, and it so happens that your cards are also very big, we must take the opportunity to knock hard with him, or when the player is lucky, although no big cards but biased to eat the opponent’s time, must take advantage of the victory to expand the war.

Seeing Bull Rules

  • Protocol:At the start of a round, each player has three face-up cards. After grabbing and betting, the last two cards will be dealt.
  • Opening:Players will rob the dealer. The highest bidder will become the dealer. When bidding the same bet multiplier, the dealer is randomly assigned.
  • Playing bets:The player will bid the smallest bet, if there is no bet until timeout
  • Build:The player is dealt a fifth card face down and will build a bull string
  • Show:The player is only compared to the dealer on the size of the bull.

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