Valorant Strat Roulette | How To Play And Use The Strategy

How do I play Valorant Strat Roulette

Valorant Strat Roulette allows players to roll random dice based on their camp and map. However, these will not be the player’s usual strategies, and Roulette will present a challenge to the player, who will need to adapt some sample strats from Valorant Strat Roulette during the game to understand what the player is walking into.

  • Announcer
    Each living player must narrate their moves as they make them. The narration should be done like an announcer to give your game a professional feel. The narration can only be stopped if you die.
  • Evasive Strategy
    You will need to jump whenever you make a turn or corner. Considering the importance of stealth in Valorant Strat Roulette, this strategy is one of the most deadly tactics for your own team.
  • Close range and personal
    At the beginning of each round, your team can only buy Shorty or Bucky. you can only hide in the bomb spot and keep a close angle.

How to use Valorant Strat Roulette strategy
Valorant Strat Roulette is a site where the system assigns random challenges or strategies to players depending on which map they are on or whether they are on the offensive or defensive.
There are four maps, but the important point is to choose either an attacking or defending challenge. Some examples of what is available to players include.

  • Sound effects
    Players must make sound effects for every action they do in the game, such as shooting, using abilities, and of course: taking away teleporters. Use the teleporter as much as possible this round, preferably making a different sound each time.
  • Listen to the leader
    Choose a teammate to be the leader and the entire team must follow the leader’s line. No one can deviate from this line.
  • A microphone
    The person on the team at the bottom of the scoreboard is the only person allowed to use a microphone during the round. Players must attempt to mark for all teammates. In any case, they obviously won’t get killed, so don’t worry if this gets in the way of their game.

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