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The rules are the same as the standard Blackjack, but guests can split and double their bets once per hand for free. If the player wins, the original bet and the free bet are paid. If the player loses, only the original bet is lost.

What is a blackjack free bet?

  • Start
    The two cards dealt to the guest are face up and the dealer’s first card is face up. If the dealer shows an ace or a ten, the dealer will check if they have blackjack and offer insurance for the ace. The person with blackjack even gets money. If the dealer does not have blackjack, the game will continue in the normal way with the following options.
  • Splitting
    Guests have the opportunity to split all pairs for free (except 10 value cards).
  • Double up
    Guests have the opportunity to double their bets for free on Hard 9, Hard 10 or Hard 11.
  • Showdown
    If the dealer has between 17 and 21 points, all remaining hands must beat the dealer in order to receive the prize.
    All winning bets will be paid out at 1-1. Any bets with the same total as the dealer’s hand.
    All winning “Free Bet” buttons will pay the same amount as the original bet.
    If the dealer happens to open to 22, all remaining hands will be drawn.

Free Blackjack Side Betting Odds How To Bet Correctly (click to view video)

Free Bet Blackjack Rules

  • Blackjack pays 3 to 2.
  • The dealer will stand on seventeen (17), hard or soft.
  • Doubling on blackjack is allowed.
  • A “free” double bet is allowed after the original hand is split.
  • Regular doubles are allowed on two (2) hands.
  • Regular splits are allowed up to three (3) times, for a total of four (4) hands.
  • Insurance is allowed.

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