Let’s Explore English Grammar!

7th April, 2021

Basics to the Parts of Speech, 8 Nos – Definition, Meaning, Examples, Sentences in English

Parts of speech are total 8 numbers and all are described along with basics, different types, explanation, charts, list along with a lot of examples. Let’s start parts of speech! Basics to the Parts of Speech, 8 Nos Parts of Speech Basics Parts of speech are perhaps one of the fundamental aspects of English grammar. […]

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22nd March, 2021

Improve Spoken English Skills – How to Learn & Speak English

How to learn & speak English as well as how to improve spoken English is captured along with various ways, practical examples & explanations. Let’s learn how to improve spoken English skills! Spoken English – How to Learn & Speak? Learning a new language, apart from our mother tongue, is never a very easy task. […]

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2nd March, 2021

What are Adverbs – Definition, Types, Examples

Adverbs are explained along with the basic definition, meaning, explanation, a lot of examples to clear all our doubts. Let’s learn adverbs! What is Adverb? We will try to understand adverb with definition, meaning & example Adverb Definition Let’s define adverbs! An adverb is an essential component in the context of English grammar. They are […]

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