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30th April, 2021

What is Dash & When to Use a Dash in a Sentence and in Writing?

What is dash? When to use a dash in a sentence? Any idea! Here, we will discuss all about dashes, along with its basic definition, types like em dashes, en dashes, etc, and a lot of examples. Let’s see when to use dash! What is Dash? Definition A dash(–) is basically a piece of a […]

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28th April, 2021

What is Comma – Use, Rules, Definition, Meaning, Checking, Usage, Sentence Examples

What is Comma? Any idea! The most used punctuation is described along with use, rules, how to check, usage, a lot of examples. Let’s explore Comma! What is Comma? Definition, Meaning & Examples Comma Meaning The comma is one of the most used punctuation marks in the English language. However, it is perhaps one of […]

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