10th June, 2021

When and How to Use Semicolons and Colons – Basic, Meaning & Rules

The use of semicolons and colons are described along with basic rules, meaning, usage, a lot of examples, and easy explanations to clear the basic concept. In this post, we will be explaining when to use and how to use semicolons and colons marks properly to avoid mistakes. Let’s take a look at them one […]

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30th April, 2021

What is Dash & When to Use a Dash in a Sentence and in Writing?

What is dash? When to use a dash in a sentence? Any idea! Here, we will discuss all about dashes, along with its basic definition, types like em dashes, en dashes, etc, and a lot of examples. Let’s see when to use dash! What is Dash? Definition A dash(–) is basically a piece of a […]

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28th April, 2021

What is Comma – Use, Rules, Definition, Meaning, Checking, Usage, Sentence Examples

What is Comma? Any idea! The most used punctuation is described along with use, rules, how to check, usage, a lot of examples. Let’s explore Comma! What is Comma? Definition, Meaning & Examples Comma Meaning The comma is one of the most used punctuation marks in the English language. However, it is perhaps one of […]

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