Sentence Structure
24th August, 2021

What is Compound Complex Sentence? Definition, Examples

In this article, we will learn ‘what is compound-complex sentence’ along with definition, various examples, more than 10 sentence examples, structure, explanations, etc. Let’s explore! What is Compound-Complex Sentence? Definition Compound-Complex Sentence Basics As the name suggests, Compound-Complex sentences contain the elements of both complex and compound sentences. They are the most sophisticated type of […]

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16th July, 2021

What is a Compound Sentence? Definition, Examples, Structure, Words

What is a Compound Sentence? Definition Compound Sentence Definition The type of sentences that contain at least two clauses i.e two independent clauses (minimum two independent clauses; it can be more than two also) are known to be compound sentences. Compound Sentence Examples Let’s see a few examples of compound sentences, Rohan likes to eat […]

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4th June, 2021

What are Complex Sentences? Definition, Meaning, Examples

What are complex sentences? It’s a very common question for all of us. In this article, we will learn the basics of these types of sentences, definitions, meaning, along with a lot of examples. Let’s explore! What are complex sentences? Definition Complex sentences are the type of sentences  that contain two types of clauses: Independent […]

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23rd April, 2021

What is the Sentence Structure in English – Definition, Types, Rules, Examples

What is the Sentence structure in English, described along with the basic definition, clear explanation, different types, rules, and a lot of examples! In this post, we will look at the different sentence structures and examples for you to understand better. Let’s take a look at the sentence structure! What is a Sentence Structure in […]

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14th April, 2021

Suffixes and Prefixes – Definition, Meaning, Examples, List, Rules, Words

Suffixes and Prefixes are described along with the definition, meaning, examples, list, rules, uses, etc. All the concepts will be cleared in this session. Let’s explore Suffixes and Prefixes! Suffixes and Prefixes Let’s try to understand the basics of suffix and prefixes with examples. Suffix and Prefix Basics The English vocabulary is vast! We all […]

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14th April, 2021

What is Subject and Predicate with Examples

What is subject and predicate with examples are explained including basic concept, clear explanation, understanding, etc. Let’s explore the subject and predicate! Subject and Predicate with Examples Let’s try to understand the basics of the subject and predicate with examples. Subject and Predicate Basics Can you imagine how many sentences you write every day? I […]

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7th April, 2021

What are Clauses in English Grammar with Types of Clauses?

What are clauses in English grammar along with various types of clauses are captured to have a clear understanding as well as a clear concept! Let’s explore clauses! What are Clauses in English Grammar What is a Clause in Grammar? In the English language, the clause plays a significant role. Clauses help us to construct […]

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