4 Simple way to judge the value of jadeite

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In this blog, we will discuss how to judge the value of jade. You probably know. The most common question we get asked at our auctions is, “What’s the difference between a $199 piece of jade and a $10,000 piece of jade?” In essence, where does the extra value come from? How do we know? I’ll answer you right now. There is an old saying that goes something like this: “Gold has value. But jade is priceless…” So ultimately it comes down to what the piece means to you, and of course the overall quality affects its value. But jade is a very spiritual stone that is different from almost all other gemstones. You can join EnjoyBid to bid jade. Join today!

Jade’s value can be boiled down to 4 attributes: Which are

  • Color
  • Texture
  • Technology
  • Translucency or Transparency

All four things play into the total cost of a piece of jade, and no two pieces of jade will ever be exactly the same, which makes each piece of jade jewelry unique and interesting. Unlike other stones used to make jewelry.


Emeralds come in many different colors, such as green, yellow, lavender, black, red, brown and dark green. But the most common is dark green or white with a light greenish hue.In general, the brighter the color, the more desirable, not only because bright colored gems are harder to find, but also because of truly stunning colors. For example, the jade in the main picture of the blog.


The grain of the block refers to how fine the block looks, for example, a more expensive emerald bracelet would have a finer grain. A common analogy is to compare the skin of a young woman to that of an older woman. The same goes for jade, but we’re looking at the grain of the marble and the cracks in the fragments. The texture of this bracelet is very good, with almost no marbling, which makes it a very good bracelet.


This refers to how well a piece of jewelry is carved/made, which is mainly like statues of Buddha, sculptures of different animals, sculptures of different symbols, etc. In general, how well they are carved and how realistic the pieces look. Etc. It’s like a cut in a diamond in a way. What we want is a perfect cut, which is also part of the jade.

There are many successful jade craftsmanship in EnjoyBid.

Translucency/ Transparency.

Let’s look at this bracelet again. Notice how translucent this jade bracelet is compared to some of the other pieces. The more translucent the work, the more popular it is. This is a good example of a translucent work.

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