Top 5 online car auctions 2023

Do you want to buy or sell a car at an online car auction in the United States? If so, you’re not alone, as almost every step of buying and selling new, used and used cars can be done online. Buying used cars online is a great option, especially using the super convenient vehicle transportation service. You know what? Most dealers selling relatively new cars at favorable prices probably bought them from the largest auto auction houses in the country.

Many individual consumers believe that most of the used car inventory is supplied by car dealers and private agencies; However, most of the vehicles in stock at these car dealers and private sellers come directly from the online car auction market. Do you want to know which car auction sites are worth visiting before buying or selling your next car? This article will look at the different types of vehicles that can be purchased from online car auctions in 2023, in addition to the five best online car auction sites.

Online Car Auction Sites in Usa

What types of vehicles are available on online car auction sites?

Online car auction sites offer almost every type of vehicle, including recycled cars, trade-in cars, recycled cars and scrap cars.

Remember: Consider your budget before bidding. Auction sites have rules about minimum bids and auction fees.

5 Best Online Car Auction Sites in the USA

1. eBay Motors

Ebay Motors, an online car auction site eBay Motors(the leader in online car auctions) offers new and used cars, as well as parts for repairing, updating and maintaining existing vehicles. Browsing vehicles, product categories, events, and brands of cars, motorcycles, pickups, and SUVs is simple.

Private sellers and car dealers are the two types of sellers here. eBay Cars are immediately available to registered users of the traditional eBay platform. Simply go to ebay Autos to find a car of your choice and bid accordingly. eBay has the same bidding rules as traditional eBay and does not charge auction fees. eBay Motors does not offer the same types of deals found on other online auction sites. Buyers can still find some affordable cars here, as well as auto parts.However, as more people learn to bid and wait until the last second to win, it is becoming harder to find “good deals” on eBay. That could lead to big price increases.

2. Copart

Online Car Auction Sites in U.S.A cobart is one of the world’s largest car auction houses, operating in 11 countries. Founded in 1982, the company sells more than 3 million vehicles a year and maintains a good reputation.

Copart is the online auction site you should use when you need a repossessed, vandalized, clean title or salvaged car. The site offers cars, trucks, classic cars, motorcycles, industrial vehicles and more. Most of Copart’s tools come from insurance companies, financial institutions and banks. In addition, Copart directs marketing departments to buy cars from the public and then sell them.

There is no minimum bid or reserve, so you only need to bid what you feel comfortable with. In addition, a mobile app allows you to bid anywhere. In addition, you can bid on the vehicle before the auction begins. You must have a full dealer license to participate in Copart auctions.

3. Auto Auction Mall

Auto Auction Mall, An online car auction site

If you are looking for a one-stop shop that offers an impressive selection of vehicles, we highly recommend checking out the Auto Auction Mall.They have the largest database of recycled, used and used cars. Motorsports enthusiasts can find almost any type of vehicle they want at these online car auctions.

Auto Auction Mall allows people without dealer licenses to bid on vehicles, saving you thousands of dollars on the retail price of your car. Many of these auctions list vehicles at wholesale prices, which can save you thousands of dollars. You need to pay a 10% deposit at the Auto auction Mall. However, membership in the Auto Auction Mall is free and signing up is easy. After winning the auction, you will be required to pay a $299 fee to the Auto Auction Mall.

Auto Auction Malls are unique in that they offer financing options to help you purchase the vehicle you want. Some offers come with no down payment and extremely low interest rates. You can even apply for financing without affecting your credit score. You’ll be pleased to know that Car Auction Mall offers customer support that will help you throughout the bidding process.


Adesa is an online car auction site ADESA connects buyers with many different car auctions across the country and around the world. Their products are mainly dealer consignment, rental vehicles, fleet vehicles and rental; Although there is no official market for recycled vehicles, they occasionally appear on the list.

To join, you must be a licensed dealer. Members also have access to other vehicle re-marketing services, including title services, marshalling, financing, shipping and inspections. ADESA serves manufacturers, banks, leasing companies, fleet companies and insurance companies.In addition to having the largest selection of low-mileage, single-owner vehicles, ADESA specializes in selling older and high-mileage vehicles. Motorcycles, RVS, boats, and more can be found at their nationwide car auctions.

5. Capital Auto Auction

Capital Auto Transport, Best Online Car Auction Site

Capital Auto Auction is a bus auction company based in the District of Columbia that specializes in online car auctions. They offer a wide variety of vehicles for every need and budget, including family minivans, sports cars, boats, campervans and motorcycles.

Capital Auto Auction holds three major live car auctions a week at its four locations, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Hundreds of cars can be bought at their auctions for less than $1,000. The selection of used cars changes from week to week, but prices are always good for good quality, clean cars.

The Capital Car Auction is free to browse if you sign up.However, a fee will be charged when you bid. The cost is based on the selling price of the vehicle. Once you log in, you can see their auction fees online. To participate in the auction, you must have a valid U.S. driver’s license and be over the age of 18.








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