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An Essay on Education - Essay why Education is Important & it's Goals? - Studywindows - A Simple Educational Blog for Children

An Essay on Education – Essay why Education is Important & it’s Goals?

essay education why important goals

An Essay on Education

We will learn how to write an essay on education and its importance and goals. Education is perhaps one of the most subjective terms we have in the history of mankind. Treating it objectively is probably the biggest mistake we can commit.

The importance of education in our lives is difficult to describe in words. However, when we speak of education, we must always keep in mind to include the broader aspects as well.

essay education why important goals basics
Essay education why important goals basics

Here in this post, you will learn how to write an essay on education. Based on your standard and proficiency, please select the one from the three essay samples on education we have written below.

Essay why Education is Important

  • Proper education helps us understand our surrounding, our society and help us assume our role in the society.
  • Education helps us understand the purpose of our own lives and be compassionate to others around us.
  • Education helps us study various subjects and acquire knowledge about them. This will ultimately lead to attaining wisdom.
  • Education helps us become competent and knowledgeable of a particular field. Eventually, it will help us choose a particular profession and earn a living out of it.
  • Education can make us become open-minded and attain a new perspective to see the world around us. Even if we leave our motherland, we can travel to any part of the world and still get along with other people belonging to different cultures.
  • Apart from bookish knowledge, proper education can help us become an ideal human being.

Short Essay on Education 

When we are young, we hardly understand the value of education. For most kids, education simply means going to school every day and learn all that the teachers are teaching. But it’s only until later that we realize, education is not just about going to school. Rather our education starts way before when we got admitted to our schools.

Home is, in fact, the first school we ever come to know, and our parents are our first teachers. It’s from our parents and other family members that we learn our mother tongue and also how to identify the different elements around us.

essay education home first school
Essay education home first school

Even before we go to school, we know that the sky is blue in the daytime and black at night. We come to know what a river is and how the birds sing. We also come to know that the sun rises in the East every day and sets in the West. Apart from these natural elements, we also come to know about our family members, their names. Most kids learn the alphabet at home and learn how to express themselves when they feel joy, sadness, pain, or despair.

This is the elementary education that we receive at home, but later we realize that home is also where we learn how to behave with others and talk with our elders. As I have mentioned earlier, education is a subjective word as it includes much more than we learn from our books.

Intermediate Essay on Education

Education is the basis of what makes us human. We call ourselves the most advanced species on the planet. However, the reason behind such a proclamation is our ability to learn and grow constantly. This is precisely why we must give complete importance to education as it is the basis of our character and personality.

Education is not something that begins with school, but it is something that goes beyond the conventional approach and is rooted right to our birth-place. Our home is the first and foremost educational institution that stays forever till the time of our death. Even before we know our first teachers, our parents take up that role and help us prepare for the big leap. Most of the young kids hate to go to school when they are young. They often believe that education is a burden that they need to carry, and they only feel free when they are allowed to play in the open field. Little do they realize that even when they play in the field, they are also educating themselves.

As I have said before, education goes beyond just the school curriculum, and they help us realize our goal in life. The goal is to become a true human being, a knowledgeable, humble, respectful, and compassionate human being. In the journey called life, our bookish knowledge will not help us always. Instead, if one wishes to develop a strong character, then they need to play as well. Playing with your friends teaches you how to stand united with others and achieve a common goal in life.

essay education playing friends
Essay education playing friends

This is perhaps the easiest definition of society and social structure. Apart from learning about different subjects from school textbooks, one must also pay attention to the various other natural elements around us. Even animals can teach a lot of values that you cannot find in your school books. A dog can teach you how to be loyal and unfailingly kind to the person you love. Birds can teach you how to be persistent and build your nest no matter what adversities are there. So, you see, nature is perhaps the greatest teacher of us all, teaching us constantly to become the ideal living being!

Long Essay on Education

Education, broadly speaking, can be divided into two major categories: one is theoretical education, and one is practical education. To become truly an expert, one has to master both of them, and then only one can achieve real success. Because our daily life will challenge us at every step, compelling us to take the best possible decision for the people close to us and our life. In such a scenario, your bookish or theoretical education will fall short if you lack the practical knowledge of things.

Following your academics is definitely very important. It not only makes you know but can also teach you a lot of values that you cannot find otherwise. From various subjects to things like art, poetry, music, education can help you explore all that is considered as the food for thought and food for our soul. However, just reading poetry is not enough; you need to feel the lines and experience the emotion, and this is where you need the help of your practical life and practical education. Through the various experiences of your life, you can discover the truth that the poet wished to express, that the novelist wished to present and that the composer is singing about.

Without practical knowledge, truth is going to be something that will always elude you. The same can be said for your professional life as well. Many professionals rely solely on their bookish knowledge, but they fall short when it comes to skills because they don’t want to learn from their experience. Education is a never-ending process, and you need to believe in that. You need to believe that it goes beyond your degree course in college and will continue till the rest of your life.

education essay most powerful weapon
Education essay most powerful weapon

This is precisely why you need to learn from your experience constantly. Apart from books, even human beings can be considered as texts as well. You can learn a lot by observing a human being. This is also a part of the practical education that we were talking about. It works the same way it had happened when we were a kid. Home is the first school and our parents being the first teachers, how to behave with others. We used to look up to them, observe them and follow. This has been like this since ancient times when disciples used to learn from their gurus, the ancient form of the education system.

When it comes to education, another word is very closely related, and that is wisdom. Focusing only on the bookish knowledge will help us gather nothing but merely information. In search of knowledge, we get blinded by data and miss out on the realization part. If you wish to truly understand the meaning of education, you have to pursue wisdom and not just mere information. But attaining wisdom is not easy; rather, it takes years to achieve it. The moment you attain wisdom, that’s the moment you will realize the true meaning of education, and it will stay with you for the rest of your life. This is the ancient teaching that has been passed on to generation after generation. Only wisdom can help you attain the ideal state of yourself and become compassionate with every living being around you.

Therefore, you need to strike a balance between theoretical and practical education and aim at nothing but attaining wisdom. And always believe that education is a never-ending process, and it will continue till you breathe your last.


I believe with the above discussion; you can now understand that only bookish knowledge is not enough; one has to be truly educated to become an ideal human being. Only then can they find their purpose in life and understand their role in society. Should you have any further queries regarding the essay writing on education, please feel free to mention them in the comments section.

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