An Essay on Friendship – How to Make a Good Friendship?

An Essay on Friendship

Let’s learn how to write an essay on friendship! If there is any relationship that can be called the purest, it is indeed friendship. It is a bond unlike any other, and the best part is, true friendship will never have any conditions applied.

A friend is someone you can count on without the thought of being grateful, without the thought of being formal, without the thought of doing something in return as well. The bond of true friendship demands nothing but the spontaneous participation of one another and the promise to be there through thick and thin.

essay on friendship how to make good friendship
Essay on friendship how to make good friendship

In this world where loyalty is rare, friendship is perhaps the only bond that can restore our faith that, yes, loyalty exists.

Some Characteristics of Friendship

  • A true friend will be like a sanctuary to you. With your friend, you can be free, frank, and speak your heart out.
  • Having at least a handful of real friends can make your life worth living. These friends will always be there even when the whole world is against you.
  • Friendship is about loyalty, but it also means standing up for what is right. A true friend will rebuke you if needed to rectify your flaws.
  • These characteristics are really important to write the essay on friendship.
how to make good friendship
How to make good friendship

Sharing, Caring, and Friendship

It was a day just like any other for everyone else except Sanjay. It was a Friday, and his mother always makes him special tiffin every Friday. But this week, it was all the more special since she has made his favorite chicken curry and Aloo Paratha. Sanjay felt that his schoolbag seems a bit heavier than other days of the exquisite food he was carrying. Even during his journey on the school bus, Sanjay was very cautious about it.

His “friends”, or “Tiffin Mafias”, as he prefers to call his classmates, are always sniffing for a great meal, and the moment they come to know about something as delicious as Sanjay’s Tiffin today, it’s all over for the poor boy! Last week on Wednesday, he witnessed something similar happening with Raju. The entire box of Dhokla, along with another box of Gulab Jamoon, was confiscated by the leader of their class, Dhiraj.

After eating up almost everything from his box, Raju was seen chewing only a torn-up piece of Dhokla and half a Gulab Jamoon. The bell rang, and Sanjay became as alert as a Commando. The plan was set; all he needed to do was hide his box from others and run behind the tree of their playground; the sanctuary to eat your own Tiffin alone.

friendship essay
Friendship essay

He was almost successful in making this plan a success, but just near the very end, he bumped into Dhiraj. Scared for himself and the food, Sanjay made a dash but bumped his feet in a stone and the tiffin box flung away from his hand. To his utter misfortune, the lid got opened, letting all the content inside spear the playground. The scent of Chicken Curry immediately engulfed the place. Sanjay felt like crying but suppressed and ran towards the tree at the farthest end of the playground.

While sitting alone behind the tree, he heard some footsteps. It was Dhiraj and his gang. He was holding Sanjay’s half-empty and dirty Tiffin box. Sanjay didn’t even want to look at them. Suddenly Dhiraj opened his tiffin box, and it smelled just like chicken curry. He sat beside Sanjay and asked him to have some.

Sanjay couldn’t even believe what’s happening. Now, the other boys of his gang opened their boxes as well. They had ordinary Tiffin but were willing to share it with him. Sanjay had never felt so full after tiffin-break before, and moreover, he has friends now with whom he would gladly share his Tiffin, even on Fridays.

Count On Me!

Sumit is the topper of our class!

But I hate him!

He always acts like this know-it-all and a snobby guy who look down upon students like us; I mean the last-benchers.

But you know what? I don’t care because I have friends, and he doesn’t. Nobody likes him because he doesn’t talk to anyone.

Even during the Tiffin-break, he hides in the library and stays there the whole time. He never even tried to make friends with anyone. I think this is due to his merit. He probably thinks that if he talks to us, makes friends; he will not be able to top the class anymore.

One day, I saw him struggling with his bicycle. Its chain fell off, and he couldn’t get it fixed anyway. Frankly, all my other friends were very happy; they were taking a jab at him as he struggled alone.

Nobody wanted to help him. Honestly, all of us were a bit angry at him also. That day, we all received our grades from the class test, and some of us flunked while he, as always, topped the class!

Some were saying that it serves him right, Mr. Know-it-all!

In all honesty, he was a very shy kid and couldn’t even ask for help from anyone. In the end, I thought, let’s just give this poor chap a hand and reluctantly helped him with the bike.

essay on Friendship help each other
Essay on Friendship – help each other

To my utter surprise, he couldn’t even say “Thank You” properly and dashed off with his bike.

Two weeks later, I fell seriously ill. It was some kind of flu that made me completely bedridden. It was gone within one week but made me very weak, too weak even to stand. The school was notified, but my parents were very concerned since I was way behind my school curriculum.

One afternoon, I was sleeping but suddenly woke up due to noise. With my half-closed eyes, I could see someone sitting on my study table.

I rubbed my eyes and saw Sumit sitting on my table, writing notes on my copies and bookmarking the textbooks.

My mother came in with two cups of hot chocolate and explained everything. Sumit has volunteered to our class teacher to help me with the studies after school until I get back on my feet.

That night I made a promise to myself;

I will never let anyone bully Sumit ever again; he has a friend now!

Friendship from a Long Lost Time

When I was young, I was one of the most popular kids in the school. From the eleventh standard onwards, I was the most prominent face of school cultural events!

Frankly, every student in the school wanted to become friends with me. But it was never like this until I auditioned for our school play and sang a song there. Everyone loved my performance, especially the girls.

That was the beginning of my popularity! Then I was always followed by a group of popular kids and the prettiest girls in the school. But amidst this crowd, my two old friends got lost somewhere.

Before I became a popular kid, I only had two genuine friends, Suresh and Karan. They were just like me; we were the best of friends, sort of inseparable. But then they lacked the talent of acting or singing.

Even in studies, they lacked the merit that I had. But these differences never mattered to us. We just used to cherish the time we spent together.

It was Suresh and Karan who pushed me to opt for the audition. But I became a popular kid, something changed.

I couldn’t stay connected with them as before, and they also failed to mingle with my new friends. The friendship that once seemed impossible to break suddenly faded away abruptly.

Eight years later;

My wife was sitting on the pavement, probably her appendix; the unbearable pain is visible on her face. But I can’t seem to find an ambulance, somehow no one is responding.

When I was frantically searching for a taxi, a private cab stopped in front of me, rolled down the mirror, and said, “Hey Dhiraj, what’s wrong?”

It was Karan; I didn’t know he was driving a cab now. He immediately helped me pick up my wife into the car and stepped on the accelerator.

“Let’s go to Leelabati Hospital; Suresh is ward-boy there; I am sure he can manage a doctor at this hour,” Karan said.

Suresh is working at Leelabati; I had no idea about that either.

Even after such a long time, we three worked together to get my wife the immediate medical assistance she needed.

Both of them stayed up all night with me. Anyone else would have thought that we are the closest of friends, but in reality, we were meeting each other after eight years; at least, I was seeing them after eight years.

But not even for a single moment; it felt like that.

The friendship from a long-lost time is still as strong as ever.


Lastly, we can safely say that it is friendship that makes our life worth living. They are the ones that make us feel that not everything is over, no matter how difficult the situation might seem.

Hence, we must cherish every single moment we have with our friends before they are gone forever.

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