An Essay on Leadership Qualities & Experience for Students

An Essay on Leadership 

In this article, we will learn to write an essay on leadership. The “leadership” word is quite difficult to define in one sentence, simply because a true leader will never give shallow speeches but instead will let his/her actions speak for themselves.

An ideal leader will inspire the good and make every single soul realize their role in this world and society. A leader will always take the first step before encouraging others to do the same. Mere words will not be in his arsenal; instead, exemplary actions will carry on the inspiration.

essay on leadership qualities experience students
Essay on leadership qualities experience students

That’s why we say a leader always leads by example!

This leadership attitude is what makes an ordinary person a true leader.

Essential Qualities of a Leader

The greatest trait of a leader is pure courage, the self-belief to stand against all odds and lead by example. This strong will is essential to become a true leader.

  • Along with outstanding courage, a leader will always be humble and down to earth as well. This makes him/her understand the quality and limitation of every individual and acknowledge their hard work and sacrifice.
  • A true leader will never be over-confident but will respect his limits and constantly work hard to improve them.
  • A true leader has self-confidence.
  • A true leader never makes any communication gap with team members.
  • He or she will treat every individual as equal and disregard discrimination of all kinds.
  • Highly dedicated person.
  • Flexible, energetic, well-behaved person.
  • Very high decision-making skills.
  • Lastly, a true leader will always be just and take the side of truth and honesty.
essay on leadership qualities
Essay on leadership qualities

Brief Essay on Leadership with Examples

“It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you.”

This dialogue from a famous Batman movie has always been my favorite. For me it’s what we do reflects what we believe in. When it comes to a leader, it’s his or her action, driven from his/her belief and conviction, that matters the most.

It can be said that some are born leaders, but for some, it’s the situation and the circumstance that pushes them to become true leaders in need. Every flower needs its time to bloom; the same can be said about leaders. There is historical evidence that vindicates this fact.

an essay on leadership skills students
An essay on leadership skills students

They need the time to form their belief strong enough to the point of conviction. Otherwise, it is impossible for them to influence others and make them realize the call of the time.

Even if we look at the lives of many freedom fighters from our country, we can see that not all of them were born leaders, but with time they realized their role in society and thus decided to come to the forefront.

There is a lot of good in people, but sometimes they fail to recognize that. The ideal leader can bring out the good in them and make them realize their role in society.

Something similar happened to us last year, and this little anecdote might serve as the perfect example for whatever I was saying.

Since last year, our lives have never been the same due to the pandemic situation. Most of the time, we were quarantined, and life had taken an unexpected turn. Every day was no less than a nightmare as we could hear the news of people getting infected by the deadly virus extensively.

Unfortunately, some of them were friends, relatives, and even close ones. But our miseries were not over yet. While the entire city was still under the constant threat of the Covid-19 virus, the weather office reported that a powerful super-cyclone was approaching our coastal area. It is likely to expose its destructive power over our city and its suburbs as well.

The news spread like wildfire thanks to the media, and the scale of fear among people had reached a new height. The confinement forced us to adapt ourselves to a new lifestyle; sitting 24/7 at home, working from home, taking care of all the household chores, staying connected to people only through virtual medium and what not.

Schools and colleges were closed as well, so even the day-to-day studies were conducted online as well. All this not only had made us mentally fatigued but also restless as well. We could only leave our house for emergency purposes, and that too after maintaining a ton of precautions and continuous fear. However, this was not the case for everyone.

Nitin was one such exception. Even during the pandemic situation, a lot of people were quite careless and constantly disregarded the mandatory safety precautions.

Like, they never really cared about wearing masks which have become a constant companion these days. Also, the use of sanitizers is absolutely necessary these days. While maintaining social distancing is strongly advised, the likes Nitin thought that this is absurd.

Nitin had found the lockdown period as nothing but a great vacation that had no seemingly approaching expiration date. While most of us were already fed up and wondered when this misery would end, Nitin seemed to enjoy and relish every single day.

Work from home mode had cut him quite a bit of slack, and being Nitin, he was abusing this facility to the fullest. He knew all the shortcuts in the book and could manage more than half of his working hours doing the non-sense activities he preferred the most.

Like, fishing for example. Since nobody was around and others were too scared to leave the house, he thought of it as a wonderful opportunity to empty all the ponds in his locality with the help of a few friends. For them, it was a complete win-win situation. The lockdown has made it difficult to earn a living, and the price of essential items was sky-rocketing every day. In such a situation, getting free fish every day for lunch and dinner seemed nothing less than winning a lottery. Plus, the joy of catching fishes was a fantastic added bonus.

While the storm was due four days, everyone was dead scared. Effective or not, you still had a few measures to follow to avoid Covid-19. However, a cyclone was nothing but the wrath of nature, before which we petty humans are nothing but helpless creatures.

But not a single line of anxiety could be found on Nitin’s face. He was as calm and relaxed as ever. Along with the ponds, his next target was to empty the trees, which were about to get filled with various summer fruits. Pandemic indeed brought back his childhood once again; all of us used to laugh at him behind his back.

However, little did we know that everything was about to change the very next day. Lockdown had made us all quite lazy and out of form. The daily routine which I used to follow every day disappeared before I could even realize it. It was five minutes past 2.00 P.M when I had received the call from Sumit.

His voice was heavy, and he said, “Aditya’s father passed away about twenty minutes ago.”

It was shocking, but we knew it was coming. The old man has been battling throat cancer for a long time now, but we had no clue that it will happen all of a sudden, that even now.

  • “Was he Corona positive before dying?”I asked him.
  • “I don’t know for sure, but Aditya said he had no such symptoms before leaving his last breath.”
  • “Now what? Should we go there?”, I asked.
  • “I don’t know; I can’t understand what we should do, that’s why I called you. He is crying helplessly, and as you know, he has no one by his side now to help him finish the last rite.”
  • “Yes, I can understand. See any other time, it wouldn’t have been any problem, but now, even I am not sure whether we should take the risk or not. After all, we have to accompany him to cremation. It’s quite dangerous, given the current situation.”

Suddenly, I heard a loud knock on my front gate so I hung up the call. After opening the gate, I was taken aback! It was Nitin standing in front of me, with a mask on.

leadership examples
Leadership examples

Now, Nitin had never been our friend of that sort, but we all knew him, and he was anyway friendly with us. Being a bit elder to us, we never really mingled with him much.

Before I could say anything, he started, “Well, aren’t you coming or what?”

  • “Where?”
  • “What do you mean by where? To Aditya’s place, don’t you know his father passed away?”
  • “Yeah, I just heard.”
  • “Yeah, you just heard and decided to do nothing. You know what, he had called me because every single one of his distant relatives denied coming and standing by his side. He doesn’t even have four shoulders to lift his father’s body! You should have heard him crying!”
  • “I understand everything, but you know how the situation is, don’t you think it’s risky?”

Nitin fell silent for a moment then looked at me, with his eyes fixed on mine, said,

  • “Just tell me, Suraj, what would you have done if you were in Aditya’s place? Or are you trying to say that it is his fault that his father died at this hour?”

I couldn’t say anything more. He was right; for a moment, I really felt embarrassed for being so selfish. Nitin’s words really made me think of the situation from a new perspective.

I got ready and hopped on behind his bike. One our way, we picked up Sumit as well. Nitin has said firmly, “If nobody volunteers, then I will alone carry his father’s body to the crematorium!”

Frankly speaking, he did almost everything single-handedly. From arranging the transportation to other things, he took care of it all. We also wanted to help, so he distributed a few different duties among us as well.

He never looked so responsible like this. By seeing him, some other neighbors of Aditya joined hands as well. I was astonished to see how he not only changed us but also influenced the good in other people utterly unknown to him.

Even at the crematorium, he supervised everything and didn’t even sit for a single moment until everything was over.

At that moment, he really came across a leader who had made a real difference. Aditya had lost his mother at an early age, and now his father passed away too. But it seemed that Nitin could definitely be an elder brother to him in the days to come.

essay on leadership skills
Essay on leadership skills

That day changed everything for Nitin. Even after the cyclone ravaged our area, he gathered all the young people and helped cleaned the area, and treated the needy.

I believe, there was always a leader hidden inside Nitin; all it needed was the right time to flourish.


We have got a grip on a very simple essay on leadership with examples. Any questions, please write to us!

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