Exclamatory Sentences – Definition, Examples, Rules, Exceptions, Uses

Every sentence can convey some kind of information or emotion. When we wish to display our strongest emotion, we use exclamatory sentences. All you need to do is use the exclamation mark in the right place.

Exclamatory Sentences Definition & Meaning

Exclamatory Sentences Definition

Placing the exclamation mark in the right place is very important to turn any sentence into an exclamatory sentence. Some of the most common examples of this type of sentence are:

  • I have passed the exam with a great score! Hurrah! They have won!
  • Why are you so late!
  • “I’m not an idiot!”
exclamatory sentences definition examples rules uses
Exclamatory sentences definition examples rules uses

I am sure you have seen such sentences quite often while talking or texting with your friends. An exclamation mark can mean a lot compared to an emojicon. But understanding the true meaning behind using the exclamation mark can be quite difficult while texting as they can mean a lot of things.

Exclamatory Sentences Meaning

Sometimes they can be used to express joy, and other times they can be for anger or even frustration.

Like for example:

  • You must be kidding me!

This sentence can mean a lot of things. That’s why they are often considered like sugar. They can be that something extra when we are speaking. But we need to keep in mind that our tone and the emphasis we place on certain words are responsible for changing the meaning of the possible urgency of the sentence.

Exclamatory Sentences Examples

Now, let’s look at some more examples of exclamatory sentences. But below, I have broken them up into their most common categories for better understanding.

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The Exclamatory Sentences That Can Express Strong Emotion:

  • Happy birthday, Sanjay!
  • Thank you, Shelley!
  • I love you!
  • Chocó chip cookies are my favorite!

Some exclamatory sentences are so powerful that they can stand on their own. Some examples can be like:

  • Superb, let’s do it!
  • Wow, I would love that!

The good thing about these sentences is that there is no need to divide the sentiment into two separate sentences. But you can just insert a comma where the speaker would naturally pause and just end the sentence with the exclamation mark. It works as an indicator of excitement.

Exclamatory Sentences That Begin with “What:”

  • What a fantastic view of the mountains!
  • What a cute couple!
  • What a beautiful bird!
  • What an excellent plan!

Exclamatory Sentences That Begin with “How:”

How beautiful the marbles are looking in the sunlight!

  • How well he can sing!
  • How slow do you walk!
  • How fast can you complete this work!

Exclamatory Sentences Containing “So:”

  • That Chocolate cake was so good!
  • John’s music piece was so unique!
  • Oh no, this dress is so ugly!
  • I’m so mad right now!

Exclamatory Sentences Containing “Such:”

  • He’s such a good footballer!
  • That’s such a gorgeous gown!
  • Your sister is such a cutie!
  • You’re such a faker!

Avoid Exclamations in Academic Writing

Frankly, exclamatory sentences are not really welcomed in academic writing or reports. Apart from quoting someone, it is advised to avoid them otherwise. In academic papers, assertive sentences are mainly used, which make a statement, or interrogative sentences, which pose a question.

The assertive sentences can quickly convey the necessary information in a plain and simple way. And the interrogative sentences can easily ask questions, and they are often punctuated by a question mark.

Just like exclamatory, the imperative sentences are not quite used in academic writing, but sometimes they are often confused with exclamatory sentences since they can also sometimes end with an exclamation point. Here, you need to remember that an exclamatory sentence will always express heightened emotion.

What is the Function of an Exclamatory Sentence?

As discussed above, the key function of an exclamatory sentence is to help the speaker express a strong opinion or a heightened emotion about a situation. This is why they are called “exclamatory statements”. They are used to express our personal and magnified assessment of the situation.

Some examples can be:

Exclamatory sentence

  • What a brilliant plan you have made! 
  • You’ve made a great plan!
  • What a nobleman he is! 
  • He is an extremely nobleman!
  • How awful the movie was! 
  • The movie was totally disgusting!

How Do We Use Exclamatory Sentences?

Usually, we use these sentences not so often compared to other sentence types like declarative, interrogative, and imperative. But we do use them quite more in speaking than in writing. Some examples are:

  • What a terrible man you are!
  • What a wonderful song this is!
  • What an idiot you are!
  • How selfish can you be!
  • How strange was the movie!
  • Oh, darling, how much I love you!
  • How quickly can he run!

Exclamatory Sentences with Interjections

Some exclamatory sentences can be reinforced with an interjection in front of it like God, Oh, and Wow. See these examples:

  • Hey! What a brilliant car you have!
  • Oh, how I wish you were here.
  • Oh father, how cruel can you be!
  • Wow! What an excellent mobile you’ve got!

Why Should I Learn about Exclamatory Sentences?

Although learning exclamatory sentence is very important, you should never overuse them. These sentences can deliver a jolt of emotion. So, one cannot use it when not necessary.

They can be very useful for emphasizing a point, but only when the emphasis is appropriate. One cannot put an exclamation mark at the end of a declarative sentence with the aim of highlighting its importance.

As readers, you must learn about these sentences and but always try to avoid them in academics. They are not often used in business writing, but you can very well use them in informal correspondence and advertising.

So the critical point here is that you can use exclamatory sentences but sparingly, and, when you do, one must not use more than one exclamation mark. The idea here is to understand the context first and then use the exclamatory sentence.

Often we use these sentences in the wrong context which eventually leads to grammatical error and create confusion in speech. One should not forcefully use an exclamatory sentence just for the sake of using it.

Should you have further queries about Exclamatory Sentences, mention them in the comments section, and we will try our best to answer them as soon as it is possible.

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