Grey vs. Gray, What’s the Difference?

Grey vs. Gray

As we have said this a number of times, English is a confusing language. This is mainly because of many similar sounding words. Like for example, some colors can also be quite confusing while writing because there are more than one spelling available for the same word.

For example, the word Grey.

Sometime you may see Grey and sometimes you might see gray. Basically both these spellings are accepted in the English language. The word refers to a color of a neutral tone somewhere between black and white, and sometimes the poets use it metaphorically to mean gloom and dullness.

However, the two different spellings are popular in two different regions. You will see gray is much more popular in the US, and grey is more popular in the UK and also in Ireland, Australia, and other places leaning more towards the British English.

But there is more to it and in this post, we will talk about that.

The spelling gray is much more popular in the US.The spelling grey is more popular in the UK and also in Ireland, Australia, and other places.
E.g., I bought a gray pant.E.g., She was wearing a grey suit.

Are Gray and Grey Two Different Colors?

Please bear in mind that both the spellings originated from the Old English term grǣg and still have their primary definition as a color. But a few experts often described them for something else as well.

One of the most famous literary examples with the word is definitely EL James’s best-selling 2001 novel Fifty Shades of Grey. It also inspired a blockbuster film of the same name. One can surely say that the movie along with the book surely indicated some gray areas.

What’s the Difference Between Grey and Gray?

First thing you must understand is that there is no difference in meaning. The only difference between “grey” and “gray” is that “gray” is the most accepted version in American English, and “grey” is the most accepted spelling in British English. So all you need to remember is that “A” is for America and “E” is for England.

Also, since one spelling is widely accepted that doesn’t mean that the other one is wrong. But apart from the difference in spelling, there is no distinction between using it as an adjective (“a gray/grey mouse”), a noun (“gray/grey is a nice color for the exterior), and a verb (“his hair is becoming gray/grey”).

Which Spelling is More Popular?

If you are just considering the meaning or the tone between black and white then you can use both grey and gray and both will be acceptable spellings in the English language. Rather you can try and figure out which side of the pond you are in and they see which spelling is used more often there. Also, you can use this simple tip: E is for England and A is for America.


So, there you have it. The difference between “gray” and “grey”. Let us know if you have any other queries.

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