How to Learn English – Speaking, Listening & Writing Skills

How to learn English Grammar, is a very common question to all of us. In this article, we will learn all the basic steps by step with a lot of examples and explanations for Speaking, Listening & Writing English skills!

Let’s learn how to learn English Grammar!

How To Learn English? Speaking, Listening, Writing

English has definitely become a global language, and obviously, there are strong reasons behind it. It is necessary to learn English speaking, listening as well as writing skills.

  • Apart from being influenced by various types of languages like French, Scandinavian, German, and many more, the simplistic grammar and sponginess have made it popular and more accessible compared to other European languages.
  • That being said, it has no less than 750,000 words, and some of the spellings and patterns can make it a hard time for some of the most skilled learners as well.

So, is it absolutely impossible for you to learn English at a quicker pace?

Well, fret not as in this post; I will be listing some useful techniques that will help you learn the language seamlessly without any hurdle.

how to learn English reading listening writing
How to learn English reading listening writing

So, let’s get started on how to learn English and the steps are –

  • Set Your Goal
  • Read whatever you get
  • Make Writing Habit
  • Make Listening Habit
  • Learn from Family
  • Learn by Taking Notes
  • Learn by Vocabulary
  • Read Children’s Book
  • Build Vocab with prefix & Suffixes
  • Learn English what you Like
  • Stick to a Time
  • Talk to People
  • Take help from Friends
  • Talk to the Mirror
  • Listen to Radio
  • Watch Movie
  • Record Your Voice
  • Use Mobile Apps
  • Listen to News
  • Have a Conversion partner
  • Don’t Be Shy
  • Make Stickers near to You
  • Stay with a person who Speaks only English
  • Think English
  • Start a Blog
  • Listen to Music
  • Flashcards
  • Ways to Learn
  • Do a Course
  • Test Yourself Regularly
  • Make English Surrounding
  • Always Review
  • Easy to Hard
  • Positive & Dedication
  • Learn Grammar Rules
  • Use Diary or Notebooks
  • Read Editorial Pages
  • Public Speaking
  • Subscribe to Podcasts
  • Youtube Help
  • Go Abroad
  • Ask Question
  • Have Fun
  • Practice Practice Practice

We will learn all these steps in details to learn English.

Set Your Goal

The first thing to answer, how to learn English is setting a goal. Why do you want to learn English, what is your ambition? What is your Goal to learn English? Remember-

  • If your Goal is valid, you can make it.
  • You need to give a little effort, dedication only.
  • Let’s see all the steps & learn English step by step.

Read Whatever You Get

Reading is the first and foremost practice you need to adapt if you wish to learn the language better and faster.

But what can you read to get the process started?

  • Well, there is no hard and fast rule as to where you can begin.
  • Instead, it would be much appropriate to say that developing a reading habit is absolutely necessary, and without this, your learning curve is not going anywhere.
english reading skills
English reading skills

Hence, just read and read everything that you can get your hands on.

It may be various ways like,

  • Websites,
  • Books,
  • Classic literature,
  • Paperbacks,
  • Station-literature,
  • Newspaper,
  • Magazine,
  • Cereal box,

Basically wherever you see something written in English; you need to read it.

An example, suppose you are a mechanical engineer and you want to learn English. Check a website: MechStudies and start learning and see the result.

This is for developing your vocabulary and learning new expressions and their respective applications. The more you will read, the more you will learn, and the new words will be imprinted on your mind.

Make Writing Habit

Reading is definitely helpful, but in addition to that, we have to build a writing habit also. It will help,

  • To improve writing English skills.
  • Make our brain to think English.
  • Spelling, punctuation, etc. can be learned.
english writing skills
English writing skills

Make Listening Habit

Listening is the most critical parameter to learn English. Always listen carefully & then try to communicate.

  • It will improve your English communication skills.
  • We all know that reaction without proper listening, is bad behavior. With these listening habits, it will vanish gradually.
  • Initially, you may face little difficulty to control yourself but gradually your English listening skills will be improved.

Learn from Family

The first easy step to learn English is to learn from family. Talk to your father, mother, grandfather, grandmother in English.

  • If they know English, all done! Start now.
  • If they don’t know, tell them you want to learn as well as teach them so that your learning will be easy.
  • I am sure, your family will be proud of you.

Learn English By Taking Notes 

Only reading and learning new words is not enough; you need to take down notes and revisit them whenever possible.

  • This is absolutely necessary since you are bound to forget the new words and expressions.
  • So carry a notebook wherever you go and whenever you hear something new, just make it a habit of noting it down along with the context and revisit them in repeated intervals.
  • By continuing this habit, you will be able to learn a bunch of new words and have a complete database full of useful phrases to use.

Learn By English Vocabulary

Whenever you read anything and listen to anything, you will come across a lot of new words. Are you surprised how to learn English with these new words? It’s simple.

  • New words will help to develop your stock of words.
  • Grow your vocabulary.
  • You can use different kinds of words for the same communications.
  • You can choose or make your English sweet.

Read Children’s English Books

Believe it or not but reading children’s books can be very helpful.

  • As you might know, they are perfect for children and are designed to teach them the English language faster.
  • Even though you are an adult when you are learning a new thing, you are nothing less than a child.
  • You can read Tintin and feel the difference.
read children's English books
Read children’s English books

Since they will not have too difficult grammar or vocabs, they can be the perfect companion for your reading habit.

Build Vocab with Prefixes & Suffixes

Want to expand your English vocabulary? Well, start learning a range of prefixes and suffixes.

  • This can work like magic, and you will see how your vocabulary is increasing every day.
  • There are tons of words that you can learn in this way as the list of English suffix and prefix is quite extensive.

Learn English with What You Like

This will make your English learning much more effective and fun. After all, you cannot learn something when you don’t like it. The same can be said about the English language as well.

  • So, you need to select the topics that you love in general and then try to incorporate your learning process with them.
  • For example, if you are into sports, you should read sports-related news articles, sports magazines and also listen to podcasts, radio shows, and even news updates about sports.

This way, you will learn and not get bored either.

Stick to Your Time

This is very important. You need to keep aside a particular time for your studies and maintain this routine every day.

  • Learning is a continuous process, and you cannot just skip it nor do it as per your will. You need to have some sort of discipline with it as well.
  • Even if you manage to set aside just 15 minutes every day for your English learning, that can be very helpful if done regularly without fail.
stick to a time
Stick to a time

Talk to People

What’s the use of a language if you don’t know how to communicate in it?

  • The ideal way to learn a new language is to communicate with real people who speak the same language.
  • Instead of chatting with people, try to communicate with them verbally. This will encourage the learning process, and whatever you will learn will stick to your head much better.
  • Plus, it will help you improve your speech and expression that cannot be exercised while reading something or just texting.

This is exactly how you overcome the problem you often hear about, like ‘I understand English, but I can’t speak properly’.

This is the generic problem that most English learners face in their initial days. The lack of confidence is perhaps the biggest disadvantage you might encounter while learning the language.

Take Help from Friends

Do you have friends who often post many interesting items in English? Well, if they do, then it is high time you use them for your own benefits.

  • You just need to find the valuable items they post on the internet, which can help your English learning.
  • It can range from anything like news or magazine articles, videos, talks, blog posts, songs, or anything that interests you.
  • If it is in English, then it’s good to use.
  • Go through them, and you will learn a lot!

Talk to the Mirror

Yes, you heard it right! If you don’t have too many people or friends with whom you can talk and practice, just talk to yourself in front of the mirror.

  • When you see yourself speaking in the language you are learning, you can motivate yourself and practice how to make an eye-contact while speaking a different language.
  • This will surely boost your confidence to a whole new level.
  • Just make sure you do this for 10-15 minutes at a minimum of 3 times a week, and you will see the improvements yourself.

Listen to Radio

Listening Radio is one of the best ways to learn English. It is really very easy just try to listen.

  • Select your favorite channel in English
  • Listen to it regularly without failure
  • Sound quality should be noise-free so that you will not be distracted.
how to learn English listen to radio
How to learn English listen to radio

Watch English Movies

Watching movies are very helpful to learn English. If you are fond to watch movies, then it will be very easy but you don’t like to watch movies, then you can try to see Discovery or Animal Planets or any Science Fictions.

  • Watch as well as listen to the movie.
  • You can repeat it to listen more & understand clearly.
  • Initially, you can use subtitles to correlate.
  • You can use headphones to listen carefully.

Record Your Voice

There are so many devices where we can record our voice and listen to it.

  • Read an article and try to speak on it.
  • Record it and listen.
  • Rectify it.
  • Again record and listen and continue unless you are satisfied.

Use Mobile Apps

There are so many mobile applications to learn English. You can download and use it.

  • Start from the basic level.
  • Don’t rush to the advanced level.
  • Try different apps and select which one is highly rated and you are comfortable with.

Listen to News

We all watch the news on TV or Mobiles regularly in our own languages.  Now, definitely, you can watch but it should be in English only.

  • News will give you a grip on what is happing around you in English.
  • Curiosity in English will increase.
  • English listening skills will be increased.

Have a Conversion Partner

We all communicate with each other but we share our personal things only with few friends. Now, you have to choose a conversion partner to learn English.

have a conversion partner to learn English
Have a conversion partner to learn English
  • Select a partner who is good at English.
  • You can share many things, your emotions, etc. so that communication will be natural.
  • Every day you have to fix a time to communicate as a minimum.
  • The daily conversation will help to learn as well as speed up the English speaking fluency.

Don’t Be Shy

Most of us are facing difficulty to speak or learn English because of shyness. Speaking is necessary to learn English.

  • The more you speak, learning will be faster.
  • There are so many people who are shy and are not comfortable with speaking.
  • Think and believe that you are in the learning phase and you will make mistakes.
  • Inform your friends or colleagues, that you are learning and if possible try to rectify.
  • I believe your surrounding people are good and definitely, they will help you.

Make Stickers near to You

In the initial stage, it may be a little difficult to remember a lot of words. So, what to do to avert this problem?

  • Make Stickers of English words.
  • Paste it wherever you sit, at the door, windows, wall, etc. at everywhere.
  • Make it in a way that you open your eyes and see some words.
  • Once you are through with all these words, change them into new words.

Stay with a person who Speaks only English

This is my own experience, I stayed one year with a person who doesn’t speak my native language. The advantages are,

  • I didn’t have an option to speak any other language except English.
  • Got fluency and learned English.

Think English

Never ever think in your language and translate it to the English language. Always think in English.

Start a Blog

You can start a blog to learn English. Here,

  • You will be forced to write in English.
  • You will regular in writing English.
  • You will get the additional benefit of building a blog.

Listen to Music

Listening to music as well as understanding its content will help you to grow.

  • Better if subtitles are available with the music in the initial stage.
  • Make habit of listening to English songs.
how to learn English listen to music
How to learn English listen to music


Use flashcards and study 5 words every day.

  • Make as many as sentences possible with these words.
  • Always revise old flashcards as well.

Ways to Learn

There are so many ways to learn English and you have to choose based on your requirements. Now, if you want to learn very fast definitely you have to get admission to any reliable institute like British Council etc.

Do a Course 

Of course, you can enroll yourself in some spoken-English courses if you cannot visit any native country for the time being.

  • This can still give you some exposure to get immersed in this language and have fun while learning it. If you take it as a burden, it will never work.
  • Plus, the course will give you a systematic approach towards learning the language, and you can clear all your doubts from your expert faculty.

Test Yourself Regularly

There are so many websites available on the internet where you can appear for the free tests. It will help,

  • To clear the concept of English grammar.
  • Make your English error-free.
  • You can appear for the competitive exams as well.
take a test to learn English
Take a test to learn English

Make English Surrounding

If you are with positive people then you will be positive and in the same way, if you are with English surrounding people, definitely you will learn English. It means

  • These people will talk in English,
  • You will be forced to talk as well.

Always Review

Never forget to review your learning. Remember that learning wrong things will hamper your learning. To make your English better and perfect, always review your learnings.

If you can take the help of your seniors or teachers for review.

Easy to Hard

Always learn English from easy to hard things. Remember

  • Learning easy to hard will help to learn properly.
  • If you start from hard to easy, you will be distracted.

Positive & Dedication

Always be positive and give your full dedication to learn English. Never ever be demoralized and lose hope. Just understand that English is a very simple language!

Learn Grammar Rules

There are so many books as well as websites where a lot of English grammar rules are captured. You can pick any website and try to learn easily. For examples,

Use Diary or Notebooks

Always keep a diary or notebook so that any new words or new things can be captured.

  • Put dates along with words
  • Write meanings as well.

Read Editorial Pages

Once you are a little good in English with the help of all steps, you can start reading Editorial Pages.

  • You can start with one topic.
  • Read two or three times.
  • Try to understand the meaning.
  • Write notes.

Public Speaking

We all have little fear about public speaking and it will be thrilled if it is in English instead of the native language.

  • Avoid fear.
  • Start public speaking.
  • Start with a very short topic.

Subscribe to Podcasts

Do you have an interest in sports, politics, blogging, or cooking? Well, if you do, then you can go for the different podcasts available on the internet but make sure they are all English-speaking podcasts.

The moment you see that you can understand everything you are hearing, that is when your learning will reach a satisfactory level.

Youtube Help

You can also go for Youtube channels as well if the content appeals to you.

  • All you need to do is to subscribe to a few of them and listen to them anytime you are free.
  • This can be a great exercise if your listening comprehension is not up to the mark.
  • It will help you get familiar with the different accents of the native speakers and learn new vocabulary as well.

Go Abroad

Now, this can be a bit difficult for many people but trust me there cannot be a better way to learn the English language other than going abroad to a country where you can find native speakers.

  • That is the place where you will be truly immersed with the language, and your learning will reach its full potential.
  • The best part about English is that there is a wide range of countries available where you can go and start learning.

Since it is now spoken in so many different geographies, you just need to find the one that suits you the best to get immersed in learning the language.

Ask Question

You may know the very famous proverb about curiosity and how it killed the cat. But trust me, when it comes to learning something new, without the right amount of curiosity, you will never be able to succeed.

  • When you are learning a new language like English, you just cannot sit with your doubts.
  • This would perhaps be the stupidest thing ever to do, and it will ultimately jeopardize your learning process.

If you are enrolled in some program, you should ask your teachers about the doubts and get them resolved as quickly as possible and most importantly, never shy away from asking a question.

Have Fun

Always have fun and enjoy your English learning!

Practice Practice Practice

Now, it’s your turn, do practice practice practice to learn English!

Rember the way you practice, you will achieve your GOALS.

Final Thoughts

As I said, having fun is very important for a healthy learning experience. So just keep all these tips in mind and love every moment of your learning.  The results will automatically be improved.

If you have any further doubts about how to learn English, feel free to mention that in the comments below, and we will surely get back to you.

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