How to Concentrate on Study Without Any Distraction? 30 Vital Points

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How to concentrate on study? Concentration on the study is crucial and it is one of the biggest challenges for students. Let’s see, vital thirty tips on how to concentrate on study & explore!

The study is an art. Everyone needs to study well to be a proper human being and to become a successful person in their life. I am from a remote village where everything was important except study!

Parents and teachers use to force their children and this process is going for decade after decade. There were only a few students in my village who love to study, and they succeed in their life. Now, whether you’re in a village or any place, whether you are a veteran student or not, whether you are a research scholar or in a school, I have explained few study tips on how to focus on study which may help you.

How to Concentrate on Study without any Distraction?

All the tips for how to concentrate on study are elaborated and captured in detail so that anyone can get good help in the future. Let’s start our Tips based on our experience:

01. Proper Place Selection to Concentrate on Study

Location is the primary requirement to concentrate on study. It is totally dependent on you will find out the place. During the selection, the following points need to be kept in mind:

NoiseSurrounding noise should be minimum. More noise can be distracted our minds and we will lose our concentration. 
TableTable size shall be enough to keep all books, notebooks, pens, pencils, tablets, or computers or laptops (in case of online classes), water bottles, plates for snacks, at least a green indoor plant, etc.
ChairThe chair should be comfortable to sit on properly; you can take medicated back support, otherwise, you may have back pain and your mind will be diverted.
DecorationIf the place which is selected is decorated or have some inspired paintings, it will be excellent. Selecting a proper table & chair but a dull room environment can harm the prolonged study. Good posture is always preferable for any works.
PlantsPlace at least one green plant on the desk to have a silent partner & a growing innocent friend who will make you breathe fresh.
Electrical ConnectionMake sure electrical connection is on your reach in case your electronic devices are required power
Be ComfortableIn case if you don’t have a table & chair, like me, sit in a comfortable place and make your place accordingly.
LightingThe place should have proper lighting to avert eye strain.
WarningNever ever study in bed or sofa, it is obvious to happen that you are sitting on the bed at a 90-degree angle and start to read. After 15 minutes, you will make a 120-degree angle and when the angle will be 180 degrees you will never know.
Proper Place Selection to Concentrate on Study

02. Pick a Proper Time for Full Concentration

Everyone has 24 hrs in a day and within that time we do all our activities like eating, bathing, sleeping, study, etc. Hence, choosing the right time is one of the main parameters. In the morning, we are full of energy and at night we feel sleepy. However, it depends on you to find out your high energy time.

I prefer to start my study clock in the morning itself. In addition, if your goal is so strong, you can make any time the best time.

03. Take all Materials You Required

Before starting to study, take all books, notebooks, and other materials on the table. Make sure you should not get up by any means from your desk.

For example, you are going to study physics, and so this book, associated class notes, pen or pencil, water bottle, whatever required in your reading time, needs to be taken. Now, if you missed any of them and need in the middle of your study and then distraction may come which effects on your concentration.

04. Warm-up you Mind

Once you are sitting on the chair, start a small warm-up exercise for only 3 minutes for your mind before starting. Refer to the following steps:

  • Close your eyes
  • Take deep breathe in and out (6 times) and think to give a better life to your parents, your family.
  • Take deep breathe in and out (6 times) and think to give a better life to the people who deserve.
  • Take deep breathe in and out (6 times) and think to make a better life yourself too.

05. Stay always Goal Oriented

Stay always goal-oriented, make small achievable goals, and promise to complete within the time frame. Never ever make big goals, in the beginning, try to split into small goals. Slowly you can make bigger goals.

  • Write down your goals in a paper. Example: Complete pages 15-30 of Physics for the study period.
  • Make a time limit: Example: Complete page 30-45 of Physics in 1 hour.
  • If you want to complete 84 pages in a week, split into 12 pages per day.
  • Keep in mind if you fail to achieve your goals, nobody will tell you or punish you, but you will know the facts.
  • Always see your role model, get inspiration & make yourself strengthen.
  • Read the story of great persons and stay motivated.

06. Split up Study Sessions

Make all your study content in few parts rather than finishing at a single stretch. If you start to finish a chapter at a single stretch, it may not happen, and your energy level may be down.

07. Understanding Content

You have started a physics chapter, say, a reflection of light, you are studying what is reflection and try to memorize. However, if you are not getting the actual reflection process or why is it happening, or practical examples, you will never go to the depth of this chapter. You must visualize in practical aspect then only you will get interested in it; you will have a desire to learn more and you can solve problems related to that chapter playfully. The following points need to be kept in mind:

  • Try to visualize the content
  • I don’t understand, ask your teacher, or refer to authentic websites, etc.
  • Never ever try to memorize without understanding
  • Ask why?
  • Ask How?
  • Write a short note of your understanding.
  • Discuss with your friends for the visualization. You may help them to understand properly which increases your confidence too.
  • Make notes on the concepts, explanation, or characteristics, etc. to have a quick reference.

08. Remove all kinds of Distractions

Nowadays, mobile, tabs, or laptops are very common to use for learning specially for online courses. Small children already using social apps. Use the internet only for necessities not for entertainment. Keep the following things in mind:

  • Normally turn off your cell phone or tablet. If you study online, turn off all notifications for social sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Otherwise one ‘’ting sound’’ will distract an hour.
  • There are many study materials, questions, tricks are shared on social sites. Hence, you must refer to the same also, but it should be beyond your study time.
  • There should not be any TV, pet animals, or birds in your reach that can distract your mind.
  • In your break time, if you see any missed call or messages, ignore it, after finishing your session, you answer.
  • In the case of online classes, during your startup, you will see so many notifications, online websites will try to steal only 1 minute which will be changed into 1 hour without your notice.

Never ever click on any unwanted sites, which simply ruin your time as well as your career growth. There are many free software available to block unwanted websites.

09. Focus on Knowledge not on Grades

This is a critical problem in our society and this problem mainly generates from our educated parents. My mother was only 4th grade, she never taught me to run behind grades. She always told me to gain and increase my knowledge, grade is secondary.

  • Focus on study & knowledge.
  • People can tell you about grades, but it is relative, and it can be improved well.
  • Sometimes, students refer to suggestions & get good marks. It is simply not correct to always try to get the knowledge in depth.

10. Worry to Go

It is obvious, that sometimes you may have some issues in your family, relatives or in the country which can affect your mind and disturb your study. This problem may transform your positive mind into a negative mind.

  • Remember you can not control your family now.
  • Remember you can not control your nation or country now.
  • Believe that if you remove these worries now, and focused on your work, one day you can contribute to your family or country, or nation.

11. Make Study more Interesting

Unless you are a veteran reader, the study can be boring also. You may think about what will happen to know history, or geography, or other subjects. What will happen to know all mathematics, we can get the result of multiplication from a calculator or Google. You should know that education is required to control even the digital things too. Hence, to avert boring, do the following things to make study interesting:

  • Use nice notebooks
  • Use a colored pen or pencils
  • Keep some handcraft things on the desk
  • You can try to make some prototype or models
  • Make some drawings in your free time.

12. Make Study as Habit

If you see USA or UK people, most of them are veteran readers. Didn’t think why is it so? Why their children read books at the airport or on airplanes too? Because their children see their parents or grandparents always read when they grow up. It’s all because of the habit of grandparents, which transfers to parents, and then it transfers to children. Basically, habit transfer from generation to generation. However, we didn’t have this habit of our predecessors, so we must build this habit.

So, don’t be late, start with you!

13. Take a Break

Continuous study will harm the prolonged study since it will reduce the concentration of the mind. Take a break every 2 hours.  

14. Regular Exercise

Exercise, it’s a common term we are listening to every time. People are running to reduce weight, maintain sugar & pressure level, somebody wants to become slim, somebody wants to become slimmest, somebody doesn’t know why they are running. It is clearly understood, health is an important parameter in our current polluted environment. Hence, exercise is mandatory for everyone even for the students. A healthy person has a healthy mind who can concentrate most.

  • Do exercise (freehand) for at least half an hour regularly.
  • Regular exercise increases your blood flow, improve heart health, improve digestive system, strengthen your immune system.
  • It reduces anxiety, stress.
  • Helps to keep yourself active.

15. Control your Thoughts

You are the person, who wants to do a lot in your life. You are only your dedication; you are only your inspiration to go forward. We all are human beings, there is no harm to have negative thoughts, however, to fight with negative thought and change it into positive is our challenge.

  • Convince yourself every time.
  • Always remember your goals.
  • Remember your role model.
  • Think about reality & problems in the future.
  • Make a habit of controlling your thoughts.
  • Learn how to say ‘’stop’’ to yourself. You have a strong desire to check Facebook, say, ‘’No’’. You want to check your WhatsApp, maybe some friend asks something, say, ‘’No’’.

16. Have a Snack

Keep some light snacks on the desk, which will give instant energy as well as make fresh. You can keep:

  • Nuts
  • Fruits
  • Dark chocolates

A small amount of tea or coffee also good to energize all the time.

17. Background Music

There is various software for background music available nowadays to concentrate on study. You can opt for one of them.If you use, background music, then you can try natural soft sounds like

  • rains,
  • river,
  • birds chirping, etc.

This is purely based on person to person. If you think it helps you to concentrate, then use it else leave it.

18. Healthy Eating Habit

Make a healthy eating habit. Avoid all kinds of junk foods, oily foods, chips, preserved fried items, canned foods, sugary items,  etc. all kinds of unhealthy foods. Always take hygienic & healthy foods. Try to have the followings in your diet list:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains,
  • Proteins
  • Dairy
  • Olive oil
  • Enough water etc.

19. Get Sound Sleep

Our body is like a machine and it’s also required rest. Hence, we all should have sound sleep daily. 

Normally 7-8 hours’ sleep is good. 

There are few people who use to study at night and sleep up to 10 O’Clock. It is recommended to sleep early and wake up early and start your day afresh. However, it also varies from person to person.

20. Harder Assignment First

In the morning, the mind is fresh and the energy level is very high. If you start a simple assignment first and harder assignments later, the required time to solve the harder problems will be more. It can divert your mind too. Hence, it is always better to start always harder assignment at the start of the day.

If you stuck on any of your assignments, don’t waste too much time on it. It can reduce your energy level as well as steal your valuable time too.

21. Maintain Regularity on Study

Many students skip to study in the normal time and kept prior to the exam time. Every time, you must be regular and punctual. If you finish your study regularly, then there will no pressure in the exam time. You can get enough time to revise and there will not be any stress.  Regular study will help you:

  • To make more energetic
  • To reduce stress level
  • To make you more confident 

22. Reward Yourself

You can ask your parents to have a trip if you study well. Make it your goal and fulfill it. I am sure, your parents will be very happy to know your goal and they will also help you to achieve it.

23. Cleaning your Desk

After your study, clean your desk every time. It’s your own work which will help you to clean, organized, and be disciplined.

24. Knowledge Sharing

If you share your knowledge with your friends, it will help both of you. Sharing knowledge will improve your depth of knowledge.

25. Hobby

Build one hobby along with your study. It may be playing guitar or drums, or piano, or singing songs or any others.

  • It will help to pass the time.
  • You can spend quality time with friends.
  • You have one additional friend.
  • Your mind will be relaxed.

26. Read Storybooks

There are so many nice storybooks, you can read based on your interest! Reading books apart from study material helps you to boost your brain.

27. Keep Books everywhere

Keep books in many places at your home. Every time, you can see it & will have a self-desire to love it.

28. Don’t Study with Friends

If you study with your friends, you both will never get an effective study which will hamper both of your time and energy.

29. Have Fun

Always have fun & enjoy! Enjoy your study, enjoy your time, enjoy your life! There are a lot of ways to have fun and you have to opt based on your choice.

30. Don’t Forget to Play regularly

Never ever forget to:

  • Play outside with your friends 
  • Walk on the ground 
  • Walk on the grass
  • Take fresh air every day

31. Beat the Notification

Now a days, every device or software gives notification to attract and it’s very difficult to beat it. We are the human beings, and we always wait for something different and something new. Hence, to concentrate on our study, we have to beat this notification in any cases.

For example, you need to study something from your mobile and observing some message is coming like, ‘would you like to explore the features about 2023 Ferrari Purosangue car coming with?’. If you click the notification, you will go to the page, and you may lose your current study plan.


Hence, we have learned how to concentrate on study. These are the key points, I found very helpful these tips to focus on study. I hope, it may help you as well. Cheers! Refer our another interesting article: Tips to Build Reading Habits of Kids

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