How to Find the Perimeter of a Square

How to find the perimeter of a square? It’s a very general question for children. In this article, we will learn the basic idea about the perimeter and perimeter of a square. A lot of examples, exercises, diagrams are captured to understand the concept.

Let’s explore, the concept!

How to find the perimeter of a square?

We will see here, how to find the perimeter of a square. In many of our calculations, we use the term perimeter and required to calculate it.

  • It is required to calculate the area.
  • To calculate the length.
  • The length by which a square can be made.
  • To calculate the area.
how to find the perimeter of a square?
Fig. 1 How to find the perimeter of a square?

Let’s get into the article! 

What is the perimeter of square?

Before understanding how to find the perimeter of a square, we will learn both the term, perimeter & square.


Square means a shape of four equal sides. Consider a two-dimensional shape whose four arms are of the same length, which is known as a square.

  • In the square, all sides are equal.
  • Angles in the square is 90º.
  • The summation of all the internal angles is 360º.


Perimeter means the total length of the boundary of any shape. If you walk along the boundary of a park and reach your start point, then the total length you walk is called the perimeter of the park. It is the distance around the outside of any shape.

Perimeter of Square

The perimeter of a square means the total length of the square along the arms of the square or the total length of all sides.

Perimeter of Square – Diagram

We will try to understand the concept of the perimeter of a square.

Take a square of 7 m arm made in a simple wire. 

perimeter of a square
Fig. 2 Perimeter of a square

Step-1: Find out the length of any of the arms.

Step-2: Think that all the arms are the same, as it’s a square.

Step-3: Make the square wire into a straight line.

Step-3: Measure the length.

Step-4: Total straight length will be 7+7+7+7 =28 m.

Step-5: Perimeter = Total straight length = 28 m

Now, we will see how to find the perimeter of a square as per the formula.

The perimeter of a Square – Formula

Hence, it is understood that perimeter implies the total length of all arms. Now,

  • Nos. of arms of a square, n = 4
  • Let’s us consider, length of each arm, l = a meter
  • Perimeter = P
  • The total length of arms = L

The total length of square = Nos. of arms of the square x length of any one arm

L = n x l

L = 4 x a = 4a

Now, we have seen that, Perimeter, P = total length, L

So, P = L = 4a

P = 4a

How to find the perimeter of a square of 20m?

The perimeter of the square of 20m is calculated by applying the formula,

P = 4a

Now, a = 20 m.

Hence, P = 4 x a

P = 4 x 20

P = 80 m.

perimeter of a square each arm length 20m
Fig. 3 Perimeter of a square each arm length 20m

You can calculate the perimeter of any square from the online square calculator

The perimeter of Square Examples

Let us work out a few examples, of how to find out the perimeter of a square!


Take a square box. Each side of the box is 6 m. Find out the perimeter of the box.


Length of one arm of the box = 6 m

Therefore, the perimeter = 4 × Length of one arm

= 4 × 6 m = 24 m


You are in a square-shaped football playground and a rope needs to be laid along the boundary. Find out the total length of the rope, if one side of the playground is 80m in length.


Length of the football playground,

a = 80 m

The perimeter of the football playground

= 4 x a

=4 x 80 m

=320 m

Hence, the total length of the rope is 320 m.


If a square-shaped chessboard has a 120 cm perimeter. Find out the length of each side of the chessboard.


As per the formula,

P = 4a

As per given data,

P = 120 cm

a =?

So, P = 4a

120 = 4 x a

a = 120/4 = 30 cm

Hence, each side of the chessboard = 30 cm in length.


Draw a square and give each corner a name in such a way that, it will form ABCD. Now, if the length of one side of the square is 15 cm, then calculate the perimeter of the square.


One side length of the drawn square,

AB = BD = AC = CD = a = 15 cm

The perimeter of the drawn square

= 4 × a

= 4 × 15

= 60 cm


A square-shaped pond has a periphery of 200 m, calculate any one side of the pond. 


We have already learned,

P = 4a

Here, P = 200 m, a =? 

So, we can write, 

P = 4a

200 = 4 x a

a = 50 m.

Hence, the length of the pond (any one side) = 50m. 


So, we have learned how to find the perimeter of a square and any doubt, please let us know.

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