How to Write a Good Essay in a Short Amount of Time? Tips

Many times, we need to write a good essay in a short time! But how to write it perfectly? In this lesson, we will know the basic tips to write essays.

Great tips on some great steps that you can take during the writing process to ensure that you come up with a great and corrigible piece within the shortest time frame.

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How to Write a Good Essay in a Short Time?

You must have heard of the common phrase that time and tides wait for no man. Well, it is also true that wasted time can never be recovered. Therefore, college students are always reminded to use their time on productive activities. Otherwise, if you use your time on unproductive activities, the chances are high that you might realize when it is too late that you wasted too much time, whereas you could have used it to improve your skills and abilities.

how write a good essay in-short time tips
How write a good essay in-short time tips

In an ideal situation, almost everyone would have loved to have all the time in the world and write their academic papers without having deadlines. Unfortunately, it will never work that way since there will always be things or activities competing for your attention. On the same note, sometimes, you will find yourself in uncomfortable situations where you have to complete your essays within a short deadline. Your lecturer will not care if you have other assignments with short deadlines or not.

Some students always opt to use reputable custom writing companies like Peachy Essay to complete their assignments. Otherwise, you might have to spend almost all your time locked inside your room or at the library, struggling to complete the incomplete tasks. This article will discuss tips on how students can write good essays within a short duration.

Have a positive mindset

According to researchers, individuals must set themselves in the right mindset before starting the writing process. Unfortunately, sometimes an individual might experience anxiety and panic, especially when they do not have sufficient time to perform in-depth research, organize their findings, edit, and proofread their work. The worst feeling is that an individual could feel defeated even before starting.

However, you will need to overcome these negative thoughts to complete your essay within a short duration. You could consider adopting a “can do” attitude since it will assist you in battling the negative thoughts. You must prove that you can deal with the challenge and submit the essay within the anticipated duration.

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Seek help

Most students often wait until the last minute to seek assistance. If you want to complete your assignments within the required time, you must develop the habit of seeking help whenever you encounter any difficulty.

Whether it is understanding the lecturer’s instructions, managing your time effectively, or researching, you should never hesitate to seek help from the right people and places. If you develop the habit of requesting assistance, you will not have to waste too much time trying to figure out things yourself.

Avoid social platforms and switch off your phone

When you have a couple of hours or minutes to complete your essay, the last thing you will need is to get distracted by social platforms or your mobile phone. Generally, most students are addicted to social media, so they will waste too much time without realizing it.

You cannot afford to procrastinate at this point; hence, you must avoid YouTube, iPlayer, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and other things that will ruin your concentration. If possible, you could inform your family and friends about your studying time, so they do not distract you during your studying session.

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Please type your essay instead of handwriting it

Most people in the current generation are computer gurus. Apparently, they can type faster than how they write by hand. Therefore, you could consider typing your essay not unless you have been instructed to write the essay by hand. The beauty of typing is that the editing process is not complicated; hence, you will be able to change things.

On the same note, it is easier for the lecturer to read a typed essay when compared to your handwriting. In essence, if you want to write a good essay within a short duration, you might consider typing instead of writing by hand.

Avoid distraction

There are too many sources of distraction in colleges and universities. Apparently, distractions could be from friends, spouses, family, or the internet. It will be challenging to avoid distraction, not unless you are disciplined. By being disciplined, you will need to exclude yourself from the crowd and identify a quiet and conducive place where you can study without being distracted.

According to researchers, students do not have to limit themselves to studying alone in the library since there are many other places where they could study comfortably. For instance, an individual could consider studying under a tree, at a coffee shop, or on the balcony of their house. Regardless of where an individual decides to study, they should ensure they are comfortable and devoid of distractions.

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Spare sufficient time to read and understand the instructions

A common mistake most students make is waiting until it is too late to start working on their assignments. Similarly, when the deadline is almost due, you are more likely to skim through the instructions and questions since you feel like you will miss the deadline. If you do not spare sufficient time to go through the instructions, you will realize that you did not adhere to the lecturer’s instructions when it is too late.

Whenever a person is under pressure, their brain will show them what they want to see, not what they should see. Before you begin the writing process, you should spare sufficient time to go through the instructions. If possible, you might consider underlying the keywords in the instructions.

Ensure all your studying resources are available

The chances are high that you will be distracted if, every ten minutes, you will be moving up and down trying to locate where you placed a specific book. If you want to write a top-notch essay within a short duration, you must ensure that all your studying resources are in a central place.

This means you will not have to waste too much time trying to find information on books you do not know where they are located.

Write the introduction and conclusion last

A common mistake most students make is they start their essays by writing the introduction. According to researchers, it is best to write the introduction after completing the body of your essays. The introduction is an essential part of the essay; hence, you must ensure that it is of the highest quality.

It is believed that the introduction is one of the determining factors of whether a person will read your essay or not. If your introduction is not interesting, the chances are high that the lecturer will lose interest in reading your paper. To make your introduction as enjoyable as possible, you should write it last.

On the same note, while writing your conclusion, you should only summarize the main ideas. Researchers believe that individuals should avoid introducing new ideas in the concluding paragraph.

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Keep track of your sources

When you start writing your essay, you should be able to differentiate between credible and non-credible sources. Most lecturers will require the students to complete their essays using credible sources. Sometimes, it can be difficult for individuals to differentiate between the two.

The most important thing is to ensure that you keep track of your sources as you continue writing. If you do not note down the sources, the chances are high that you will be uncertain where you retrieved certain information.

Another point to remember is that since you will be required to add your bibliography and references to your essay, doing it as you continue writing your paper will save you a lot of time. Every time you use a quote by a different person, you should indicate where you retrieved the quote.

Edit and proofread as you go

If you want to write a good essay within a short duration, you should proofread your work every time you complete a specific paragraph. You should check for typos, grammar, and spelling mistakes. Once you have completed writing, you should also spare sufficient time to have a quick read of the entire paper.

You should ensure there is a good flow of ideas. The beauty of editing and proofreading as you write is that you will not have so much work once you complete writing.

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Avoid copying and pasting

There are numerous reasons why you should avoid copying and pasting whenever you write your essays. First and foremost, you could be expelled or suspended from school if you are caught with plagiarized papers. It is vital to note that the internet is filled with all sorts of resources; therefore, it is easy to access information on almost any topic.

Therefore, even if you are running out of time, you should never think of copying and pasting information from the internet without giving credit to the original author. If you are scared of getting caught up with plagiarized papers, you could consider using a plagiarism checker. With a plagiarism checking tool, you will be sure that your essay is free from plagiarism before submitting it to the lecturer.


In conclusion, although completing academic papers entails a lengthy and time-consuming process, it is vital to note that with the right mindset, anyone can write a good essay within a short duration. The tips discussed in this article will assist you in delivering top-notch papers that will earn you excellent academic grades.

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