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How to Write the Autobiography? Tips & Examples

how write autobiography tips examples sample

How to Write the Autobiography?

Let’s explore how to write an autobiography! A biography is a complete document that contains all the valuable information of a person’s life and its various phases, but it is always written by someone else. An autobiography, on the other hand, is kind of the same thing. However, it is written by the same person about whom the biography is about.

Writing autobiographies has been a famous habit for many people around the world. From scientists to musicians, artists and even famous industrialists have also written their autobiographies. It can be seen as a great medium to document an individual’s life story in a way that cannot be replicated by anyone else in this world.

After all, we always know ourselves better than anyone else in this world, and that’s why an autobiography might contain information or details which were not published or heard of before. This makes any autobiography an exclusive and unfiltered work as well, something that can reveal a lot about that personality.

It is for this sole reason; the craze for an autobiography is always a lot more than any biography. But how does one write an autobiography?

This is what this post is all about. Below, I am listing some key elements of writing an autobiography.

How to Go about Autobiography Writing &  Must-Include Points?

Writing an autobiography can be very simple and very difficult at the same time. You can take your own approach, or you have to follow a popular style. But ideally, you should brainstorm and come up with the outline that fits your life story the best. After all, we all have different lives, and thus, the story of our lives will be different as well. Thus, finding your own style is perhaps the most useful thing.

Now, there is a popular method to writing an autobiography as well, like the chronological approach. Here, you will mention your life story in chronological order or mention them as they have happened one after the other.

But as I said, there are no hard and fast rules to writing an autobiography. You have to start with the past, then come to the present, and finally, indicate the future. You can jump right off from the present as well and then move to the past. But what are the elements that you need to add to the autobiography?

  • An autobiography is a personal account; hence, you need to include all the significant events of your life, both figuratively and literally. Meaning, you must include all the events that others consider as monumental in your life, but at the same time, you can include personal events, events that mean a lot to you.
  • The autobiography must give the reader a fair and square idea about your life and lifestyle.
  • An autobiography is a great place to share your philosophy about life and about things in general.

Although an autobiography tends to be a bit lengthy here, I am listing four samples for the starting.

Autobiography Writing Example One

Let’s see the first example of how to write an autobiography! The first time when I saw Andy, he came for shopping with his mother. I have been kept there up at the shelf for a long time now, and I have been waiting for someone to take me home finally. I am made to be very sturdy, and since I have an extra darkled, your handwriting will shine through the rest when the examiner sits for correcting the papers.

But up until now, nobody took an interest in me. However, that day Andy came in front of the shelf and asked his mother to fetch the packet I was in. She reluctantly reached out for me, but when she saw the smile on Andy’s face, she couldn’t say anything anymore.

That Andy bought me from the stationery shop, and I found a home of my own, Andy’s pencil box. But the journey was not easy. There were other pencils there as well inside the box. So, obviously, they were not very welcoming at first. But slowly, I managed to tackle all that and became Andy’s favorite pencil. Now, I will tell you that story as to how I became the best pencil in his box.

Autobiography Writing Example Two

Let’s see the second example of how to write an autobiography! Times have changed a lot. With the development of electronics, most kids are now drawn towards electronic cars or remote-controlled ones. They have shiny light on them, and remotes can control them.

Everyone finds them cool, but when it comes to toys like me, the story is never so pretty. But still, life goes on, right?

Well, it was the same for me as well. Even in this world of electronic cars and other fancy toys, a girl picked me up from the shelf. At first, I thought it was terrible news. I am not the kind of toy that girls play with. So, I thought this girl is one of those who buy toys only to destroy them. You know, play roughly with them, and throw it into the pond or in fire, that kind of stuff. I was only thinking these kinds of things.

But the girl didn’t look like one of those girls. So, I wondered what can happen to me now. It turned out that she doesn’t like all that soft toys, teddy bears, and other girly toys. She has a penchant for cars, and she prefers old school. There were a bunch of other cars there in her box, and all of them were like me, old school, without the touch of technology or even batteries.

A lot happened when I was with them. But hey, what’s the rush? We are just getting started. Turn the pages and hop along in this story with me!

Autobiography Writing Example Three

Long empty roads and wind in your hair! When you think of this image, you can only think of a convertible and an engine with good horsepower. But for Alan, it had nothing to do with a motor in it. He instead preferred to experience all of it on a bike. Not in a car, not with a motorbike but with a plain and simple bicycle.

This was the very reason; I ended up in his garage. Being the only bicycle there, it sometimes used to make me lonely. All other motor cars were different, they have never been a bicycle, and you cannot really blame them if they cannot understand you.

But I always felt very much alive when Alan used to take me for a ride. You can say that I am kind of the sweetheart of this town. It’s small, and the people here are always busy riding their motorbikes or cars. So, Alan was the only one who owns a bicycle. I was famous; I am still popular. Everyone knows me. But life doesn’t always go at the same pace.

Sometimes there can be bumps along the road. For a bicycle like me, a few of the bumps were pretty hard. But they are all part of my life. Hey, there is always more to what meets the eyes in life. This is that story.

Just turn the pages, and you can read about my story as well. It is not so different from yours, perhaps!

Autobiography Writing Example Four

The sea was quiet that day, and much like any other day, I was minding my own business, strolling on the beach. You can call it the universe or just by chance, but I just happened to have stumbled upon Ray there.

The last time I met Ray was at film school in California, and It was forever since I had met him. It was the same for him too. He looked just the same, that gentleman vibe in his clothing.

Out of a sudden, he asked me what was I doing? Frankly, I was also asking the same thing to myself lately, what exactly I wanted to do? I recalled that I had written this song lately, a kind of poem actually, but I have come up with a tune for that as well.

Upon hearing that, Ray was very excited and asked me to sing the song. So, I sang the song that would later be released on the album, and people would know it as “Moonlight Drive.”

He was taken aback by the song and invited me to meet his friends the next day. It was on that dingy studio in L.A where I had met Robby and John. To my utter surprise, Robby already had a song ready, and they asked me if I could sing it in my own way.

That song was none other than “Light My Fire”, the song that helped us get together and form this band that people now know as “The Doors.”


Hence, we have learned how to write autobiography! So, there you have it, a few examples of autobiographies for you to start with. I believe these samples can get you started writing your own. Should you have any other queries regarding this, feel free to mention them in the comments section.

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