How to Write an Essay on Global Warming? Causes & Effects

An Essay on Global Warming – Causes & Effects

Let’s learn how to write an essay on global warming! Global warming is perhaps the most frightening problem that Mother Nature is facing now. The worst part is that most of us are not even realizing our role in it and how we are also responsible. If this problem is not tackled immediately, it will definitely mark the end of this planet and, therefore, the entire human civilization. Here, we are going to show you three essay samples on global warming. So without any further ado, let’s begin.

write essay global warming causes effects
Write essay global warming causes effects

An Essay on Global Warming – Beginner Standard

The earth is getting hotter day by day, and that can be felt even if we look at the changing weather. The fluctuation of climate is something that most of us only experience but don’t really ponder about.

We are in the middle of a crisis now, and most human beings are still oblivious about it. The side-effects of this problem have already started to show its malicious nature, yet we are still quite far from realizing the truth.

Almost all of us, right from school kids to full-grown adults, are aware of the term “Global Warming”. However, only a handful of people seem to understand the consequence that it might cause.

With the rising temperature of the planet earth, not only glaciers melting, but our planet is facing other complications as well, which is reducing its longevity.

One of the most shocking facts is that this discovery was made way back in the 1900s, but any noticeable change in our perspective is yet to arrive.

Contrary to what many people like to believe, global warming is not a natural phenomenon. Instead, it’s something caused by human activities, and our activities only are causing it to deteriorate even more.

One of the greatest impacts of global warming is the destruction of the ozone layer and the greenhouse gas effect.

write essay global warming causes effects
Write essay global warming causes effects

The ozone layer is responsible for stopping the harmful UV rays coming from the Sun. But since this protective barrier is getting weakened every day, very soon, we will have no option but to face the harmful rays of the Sun.

The very source of life force on this planet will also be the reason for its destruction.

It’s imperative that before it’s too late, we must take up our responsibilities and start planting more and more trees and curve our use of fossil fuels. Not only it will save our natural resources but also eliminate one of the biggest reasons responsible for global warming.

Essay on Global Warming – Intermediate Standard

Who isn’t familiar with the term global warming? But how many of us are actually trying to do something about it to stop it? Believe it or not, but every day, we are doing something that is making the situation worse for Mother Nature and planet earth.

Global warming is definitely one of the most alarming problems for our planet since it is effectively reducing the lifespan of our planet. Needless to say, the life span of this planet is directly related to the existence of mankind as well.

Some of the most common effects of global warming are frightening enough to take some actions immediately, yet only a handful of people perhaps understand the gravity of the situation.

Sun is the source of all life force on this planet, but global warming is one such phenomenon that causes this source to be the reason for destruction. This discovery was made way back in the 1900s, and it has been getting worse each day.

With the advent of industrialization, the human race has progressed a lot. Now, we have some of the best technological aids to make our lives simpler. The industrial plants are producing enough resources every day to make every corner of this planet a part of urban life.

But all of this is achieved at what cost?

That’s right; all of this has been achieved by not only destroying our natural resources but also disrupting the natural system of our planet. And as a result, we have man-made crises like climate change and global warming.

Every day, the long black chimneys of various industrial plants in this world emit toxic gases that effectively reduce the percentage of oxygen in our atmosphere.

global warming essay pollution
Global warming essay pollution

But that’s not all. These gases are also called greenhouse gases since they have made our planet just like a greenhouse plant. These toxic gases will not only pollute the air making us suffer from various lung diseases but also they create a layer around our atmosphere.

When the Sun rays hit our planet, not all of it is observed by our planet. Rather, after observing the amount of heat needed, our planet reflects the rest of it. However, due to the layer created by these toxic greenhouse gases, this extra heat gets trapped inside the atmosphere instead of going out.

This is how it makes the surface of our earth warmer every day than necessary.

One of the most effective ways to stop this effect is to cut the use of industrial plants and also plant more and more trees to neutralize the effects of these harmful gases in the atmosphere.

But first, we need to understand the gravity of the situation and act immediately.

Essay on Global Warming – Professional Standard

The term global warming is not new, and neither its effects. The effects and the term were first coined back in the 1900s, even before the industrial era began. However, there can be no doubt that the impact of global warming has steadily increased over time, especially with the advent of technological and industrial advancement.

Now, there can be no doubt that technological and industrial progress has been two of the pivotal point in the modern history of mankind. These are the things that really made a difference from our early lifestyle as a caveman.

This is perhaps the biggest proof that we evolved as a species, and we learned how to use the natural resources around us provided by the planet. We also learned how to make our own resources to use as per our will and expand our civilization to the next level.

Hence, the concept of urbanization came into existence. But challenges were there, even for the most evolved species on the planet. The challenge was to defy the rules of nature and establish the free will of man, regardless of the effect it may inflict on natural surroundings or even on the very planet.

That is when, I believe, the ticking clock for this planet started till its absolute destruction along with the species that started it all!

Over time we see the tremendous technological marvel and industrial achievements, and along with that, we see the concrete jungle, deforestation, and the violation of natural habitat.

Global warming is just one of these effects that will one day make this planet absolutely inhabitable for the human race. It is one of those man-made crises that is not limited to a particular zone or in a sector of natural resources.

It’s an all-encompassing effect that has spread its roots everywhere, and every aspect of our life, believe it or not, is now getting affected by global warming.

And the worst part?

The worst is yet to come!

The worst is definitely yet to come since most human beings are yet to understand the gravity of the situation. With more cars running on the streets on fossil fuel, with more plants emitting toxic gases and chemical waste, the effects of global warming are only getting augmented to a whole new level.

global warming causes effects essay
Global warming causes effects essay

To put it simply, global warming is slowly cooking the earth internally. With all the greenhouse gases creating a layer around our atmosphere, the excess heat that our earth’s surface reflects back to the Sun gets trapped and makes the surface warmer.

Plus, since the ozone layer is deteriorating as well due to these gases, the earth is receiving warmer sun rays. It’s like the earth is losing its filter, and the harmful effects of UV rays will now make your skin aggravated, along with various skin-related diseases.

This extra heat trapped inside the earth is making the glaciers melt, which in turn, is making the ocean layer increase. The chances of a huge part of land going underwater very soon are quite evident.

Apart from that, we have many other species which cannot survive in these tremendous conditions, will now go extinct, creating chaos in our ecosystem, upsetting the balance.

Just planting a few trees here and there is not enough now. It’s time for the whole world to unite and take measures to save Mother Nature for us and our future generations before it gets all too late for everyone.


I believe with the essays mentioned above, it is now quite clear why we must act immediately to stop the catastrophic effect of global warming. It’s time for every government of various countries to step up and act to resolve this threat against mankind. Only a combined effect can tackle a problem such as this! Check out our most interesting articles,

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