How to Write an Essay on My Family? Importance and Examples

how write essay my family importance examples

How to Write an Essay on My Family?

Family is perhaps the most important institution for any individual. Before we move to any other association in society, family is the first place where we find ourselves in the first place. This is the place where we get to learn everything, the very first lessons of our lives. This is what makes us the person we eventually become in our life. The role of our family will indefinitely leave a great impression. In this post, we will try to trace the importance of family in our lives in all its dynamics.

The Importance of Our Family

The importance of our family goes beyond just being the first school of our life. The role of our family goes deeper than that.

  • Our family is definitely the first school of our life. This is where we learn the very first lessons of our lives. Our parents are indefinitely the first teachers of our life.
  • Family is the first place where we are introduced to the values of our life. We always look forward to our parents because they are the epitome of value and ethics for us.
  • Family is where we learn to co-habit with others since this is what we need to do with the rest of society for the rest of our lives. Learning to live with others and adjusting to their lifestyle is very important for us.
  • If the environment of the family is not ideal or if the parents fail to provide their child with great values, then the child can never learn the good values and may even turn into a bad person in the future.
  • The most significant responsibility of a family is to make the child ready to face the world and find his/her place in society.
write essay my family importance examples
Write essay my family importance examples

First Essay on Family: The Guidance

Father never used to be present during Sunday early morning. I have never seen him in the morning because he had a habit of waking up early and go to the Bazaar. It’s the only day of the week when he could do the shopping himself.

Nowadays, when I look back at those days, I always feel nostalgic. Also, there are a number of stories that cloud my mind when I think about my father. One must have heard about summer internships. This is very common these days, and actually quite helpful for young students. But back when I was a child, my father organized a summer internship as well.

You won’t believe what the summer internship was.

He made me go to the Bazaar with him every Sunday, and he even made me work in a grocery shop for a few months after my final examination was over.

At first, I was absolutely furious and disappointed at the same time. Tagging along with him every Sunday was still okay but working on a grocery shop was out of the question.

My mother also said nothing about it; I was absolutely shocked by this tendency. How can they do this with me?

The first day at the job was the most difficult. I was not eager to earn money for such a laborious job, and most of all, I just wanted to go and play with my friends. But here I was, dealing with vegetables which I don’t even like.

However, now when I look at that, I realize why my father insisted me on working there. That one summer internship made me realize the value of hard work and the ethics of working with honesty.

Those two months made me realize how difficult it is to earn a living in this world. E Even at that tender age, my father was preparing me for my later life. That guidance is always with me; the practical knowledge I had gathered has taught me a lot.

Even when my father is no longer with me, he is still teaching me all the time!

Second Essay on Family: Family Always Stays

From a very early age, I have seen that my uncle is out of the house most of the time. Except for the time of dinner, he was more or less outside the house. This sometimes made my father really enraged; however, he never liked to rebuke his younger brother in front of everyone.

But my uncle also never argued with my father because of anything. However, I have always seen that he was there during any family occasion and other important events. He was always very soft-spoken and never liked to share his opinion on anything.

However, when my grandmother was very sick, something happened that changed my perception of him forever. But I believe it was not just me, but I believe everyone changed their perception towards him.

One day without any prior warning, my grandmother fell sick, and needless to say, we were really worried. But as they say, when things go wrong, a lot of things go wrong at the same time. My father was out of the station at that moment, and he cannot come back for at least three days.

He was immediately informed about the situation, but it was impossible for him to come back before three days. In such a situation, something happened that perhaps none of us ever imagined.

My uncle arrived and started arranging everything. To everyone’s surprise, he was very skilled and managed to arrange everything. Plus, he had nerves of steel. He was not at all nervous, instead managed to do everything almost single-handedly. On top of that, he always kept me in the loop, making me understand that I am the next one to take care of this family.

Three days later, when my father returned, he just looked at my uncle. None of them said anything, but from their eyes, I could feel what they were a thing.

We are a family; we are always there for each other, no matter what!

Third Essay on Family: What We Learn

Due to my work, I have traveled almost the entire world. Thanks to this, I have met a number of different people. Every single one of them helped me learn something new. All of them represented something or the other, and I was allowed to learn something new about their culture.

But I was not always like this. Frankly, when I was a little boy, I was a very shy kid, and I was always afraid of new people. It was impossible for me to trust any stranger other than my parents. Even my other family members were always disappointed with me because of my shyness.

But it was my grandfather who decided to change this thing for me. Little did I know that this small step would help me so much in my later life. Had it not been for my grandfather, I would have never been so open-minded later in life.

Every afternoon, he made sure to accompany me to every room and make me sit with my relatives, we had a huge family and a common house, so it was several rooms with several family members. But he didn’t stop there.

He also started taking me outside and made me mingle with outsiders as well. He always taught me that one must always be careful, but there is no reason to get afraid unnecessarily.

Little by little, I managed to overcome my shyness, and thus now, I can mingle with people from all over the world.

Fourth Essay on Family: What We Cannot Forget

Being a professional footballer, I have played with all the great players of my generation. I was also very lucky to have shared the pitch with some of the great players of Europe as well.

But I can never forget the first time I have ever kicked a football. It was my grandfather who first bought me a football and made me get ready every afternoon to go to the park and play.

He was also the one who, against everyone, made me join a football academy. He said that I could be a great footballer someday. He always had this faith in me.

But after this, every single member of my family started believing in this dream. I can never forget how my grandma always held puja before my matches and selection.

I can never forget how my mother was always worried about my health and always prayed so that I don’t get injured, how my uncle bought me a new pair of boots from his first salary and how excited he was to tell everyone about my selection for the district team and later on the national team.

Even after so many days, these are things I can never forget!


I believe with the above discussion, you can easily understand the different roles of our family. It is something that we all need in our lives to become better people. The guidance of our family is something invaluable, and nothing can replace it in our life. If you have any further queries, feel free to mention them in the comments section. Check out our few essays,

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